AMAZING: FOX Gets PUNKED LIVE on Air for Getting Rid of Tucker | Joe Hoft


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AMAZING: FOX Gets PUNKED LIVE on Air for Getting Rid of Tucker

FOX News gets destroyed live on air. 

This was perfect.

While trying to obtain information on a reported shooting at Morgan State University, FOX got punked.

Rather than providing information on the shooting, the individual on the phone shared that Tucker Carlson who is no longer on FOX News still is the most honest person in the news.

The individual shared:

We all get together every Tuesday night and we watch Tucker Carlson’s Show on X.  We used to watch him on FOX News, obviously he’s not there no more.  And being the most credible guy in America we always get together to watch Tucker Carlson and we think he’s actually doing better now that he’s not with FOX News because the corporate media always controls what the teleprompters are able to say and now he don’t have that.


The final blow to FOX was when they got rid of Tucker.

I stopped watching FOX after the 2020 Election when on election night FOX had individuals like Chris Wallace lecture me for voting for President Trump.

This guy was spot on – Tucker is better off without FOX.

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