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Lara Logan Releases Her Second Segment on Ray Epps This Week

Ray Epps

Lara Logan released her second segment on Ray Epps this week. 

Lara Logan’s first episode on Ray Epps was posted last week.  She shared part of the Ray Epps story.


Lara Logan on Ray Epps and His Actions on Jan 6

This week Logan shared her second segment on Ray Epps.  She is doing the work that Big Media won’t.

Certainly the Jan 6 committee knew who Epps was as well as the FBI because after being on the FBI’s most wanted list for months after Jan 6 he was taken off and not charged until a recent slap on the hand by the DOJ.

Epps did more to instigate the Jan 6 riots than most all the people arrested for walking through the Capitol peacefully that day after being invited into the Capitol by Capitol Police.

Ray Epps was not punished for his actions on Jan 6.  He led the rampage at the Capitol and he clearly has some pieces to his story that have not been put together.  

1 thought on “Lara Logan Releases Her Second Segment on Ray Epps This Week”

  1. Let’s not forget John Sullivan, aka Jayden X, who texted insurgents meet at Peace Circle. He also entered the Capitol and was recorded breaking Pelosi office window glass, cheering on the riot with ‘Burn it down!,’ and yelled, ‘She’s got a knife!’ just before Ashli Babbitt was shot.

    Neither saw one day in jail.


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