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Lara Logan on Ray Epps and His Actions on Jan 6

Lara Logan released another episode in her excellent series regarding the Jan 6 attack against President Trump and the American people. 

After stealing the 2020 election, the Deep State Democrats and members of the Uniparty set up Trump supporters in Washington DC.  The peaceful crowd that showed up at the Capitol that cold day was fired upon, maced and beaten.

A riot was created and many believe that it was a set up.  There is evidence for this.

One person who lead the charge to the Capitol was Ray Epps.

Laura shares her first report on Epps in this latest episode.

Question for the Capitol police today – would you rather face 1 million Trump supporters legally protesting the stolen 2020 Election or 300,000 Islamists protesting Israel’s right to self-defense who you have no idea who they are and where they came from? 

1 thought on “Lara Logan on Ray Epps and His Actions on Jan 6”

  1. Peace Circle Rioters created a False Flag and False T-Shirt Riot

    The first ‘wave’ of rioters were FBI-Democrat-Antifa with a few duped MAGA supporters mixed in. That happened, as planned, at 12:53PM.

    The Ellipse crowd were still listening to speeches which ended at 1:13PM, and they arrived at around 2PM . . . some were caught up in the Mob Psychosis . . . they are now in prison for years.

    See my email on Mob Psychology Defense.


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