Is Donald Trump a Man or a Movement? And What Does It Say About His VP? | Joe Hoft


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Is Donald Trump a Man or a Movement? And What Does It Say About His VP?

Is Donald Trump a Man or a Movement? And What Does It Say About His VP?

Guest post by Jack Gleason

Donald Trump is not just a man; he is a movement. People across America are relying on him to win in 2024 and lead us – and the world – back to greatness.

The movement towards freedom is finally coming alive across the planet. Argentina and much of Europe are rejecting the Cabal of communists, cartels, and the globalist left – with their depravity, corruption, open borders and lawlessness, and their insanity of depopulation.

“The recent elections in Europe have revealed that the citizenry of many European nations will no longer tolerate irresolute leaders who are incapable of reversing the accelerating downward spiral of their countries and the rest of the Western world.  These voters are seeking not only economic and societal resurgence, but recognition of the rights and privileges of being citizens of their countries.”

Across the U.S., former loyal Democrats are turning to Trump including Detroit. He’s even leading in Minnesota polls.

They are finally waking up to the reality of a clearly senile, depraved and corrupt president being propped up like Bernie as a puppet for those who want to destroy our country from within.

They are not buying the narrative of news mouthpieces, prosecutors, judges and government officials that Donald Trump is a criminal insurrectionist. The Cabal will do anything to terrorize his supporters. Imprisoning innocent J6ers is just one example, and they’re perfectly willing to do it again.

Wealth and power corrupt, and unlimited wealth and power brings a form of insanity that has plagued mankind for ages. Soros himself admitted that he was so wealthy, and everyone around him worshipped him, he began to feel he was a god. In his 1987 book “The Alchemy of Finance,” he wrote: “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes or, even better, a scientist like Einstein.”

Godlike liberals feel above the moral limitations of mere mortals; entitled to do anything they want.

Add desperation to insanity and you have the most dangerous combination of all. Their crimes are so extensive, many would face life in prison, or worse, for their crimes against humanity.

The Cabal has been after President Trump ever since he came down the escalator in 2015. He was someone they couldn’t bribe, bully, blackmail, or control. Their efforts to minimize his effectiveness as President were monumental – and ruthless.

Despite their unlimited wealth and power, the members of the Cabal are not necessarily brilliant. In fact, power so extensive that you never have to explain your ideas breeds lazy thinking. How could smart villains have chosen Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their candidates in 2020? They knew they had perfected the techniques of stealing elections and the candidates didn’t matter, they could put anyone in office.

Donald Trump is leading in every honest poll and will be elected the 47th president of the United States. The only way to prevent this is to stop him personally, or pull off the biggest election theft in all history.

The Cabal will do ANYTHING to stop Trump. They’ve impeached, lied, and lawfared. They’ve used their FBI to raid his personal home. They’ve tried to put him in prison, and, tellingly, they’ve threatened to remove his Secret Service protection there. They’ve already denied protection for RFK, Jr. They’ve probably installed moles in his Secret Service detail.

In their collective insanity, they have justified his murder in their minds.

Of course Trump knows this, yet he soldiers on. His entire business career was spent in New York City, dealing with the mob, union bosses and corrupt politicians.


But Trump is not running for office for the next four years, he must cement his movement of American greatness for the next TWELVE years by selecting a vice presidential candidate who is as strong and determined as he is.

“If something happens to me, I want my VP to be the Republican candidate in my place.”

“And here are the strong leaders I want in my cabinet to run the country.”


That is why his choice for Vice President could save his life.

I’ve seen various analyses of his seven potential VP candidates that review their histories, qualifications and which states they can reliably deliver. None of that matters.

Trump’s best insurance is a VP who can step into office on a moment’s notice and continue the mission. He must be young, smart, experienced and a fearless fighter.

He doesn’t need to deliver a particular state in the election – Trump can handle that. Nor does he need to be an excellent public speaker – that can be taught. What can’t be taught is courage and leadership experience.

I think of candidates with military backgrounds, like Flynn or Petraeus. I think of the brave members of the House Freedom Caucus like Jim Jordan, or House investigators like James Comer.

And “he” can also be a “she” like Kari Lake or Kristi Noem.

No need to worry about past scandals. America knows that no one is perfect – the media will make up whatever they want. No one will believe them.

One name I haven’t heard is Donald Trump, Jr.


Once they realize they can’t kill Trump and kill the movement, their only choice is to kill him at the polls.

Biden will not be the Left’s candidate. Nor will Kamala. You can tell because they are no longer suppressing all of Joe’s trips and gaffes, or trying to refashion Kamala as credible. No, Joe will have an understandable tumble, break his hip, and drop out of the race “for the good of the country,” to be replaced at the convention. The media will instantly “fall in love” with their shiny, new candidate. Younger, fit, well-known.

The mainstream airwaves will be crowded with praise and adulation and all our financial and moral crises will be crowded out of the collective consciousness.

The awakened won’t be fooled, so the Cabal can’t win in a fair election, but when has that stopped them? They have perfected election fraud to an art. No matter how strongly the conservative candidates perform, they can always manufacture more votes. They underestimated in 2016, but did just fine in 2018 to turn “the Red Wave” to a trickle, and used every trick in the book to stop Trump in 2020. They kept their hold on the Senate in 2022/23, and barely missed keeping the House.

There’s just one problem. Math.

In a 51%-49% election, all they need to do is add 3% more fake votes to win. But at 55%-45% they need 11%. It’s likely the number of votes will be more than the number of voters, or at least the turnout would be an impossibly high 97%.

And statewide elections are even harder to “fix,” since there are a limited number of counties where Democrats hold all the cards of the election process.

How can we limit their ability to cheat our elections? Bring ten friends to the polls. Support nonpartisan groups like United Sovereign Americans who are demanding state boards of elections follow established federal laws to the letter.

Your best option at the moment may be to vote absentee about two weeks before Election Day and track your ballot.  More on that later.


1 thought on “Is Donald Trump a Man or a Movement? And What Does It Say About His VP?”

  1. Joe, in the first two mini-paragraphs, you mention MAGA and rejecting the extremist left with their insanity …. and you end the left insanity list with “depopulation”.

    I can’t understand why you fail to see that Trump was the point man for depopulation in the beginning. At the very least he is guilty of being an accessory to mass murder and injury of Americans. This conduct is apparently in character as he is also supporting the mass murder of civilians in Palestine.

    One last thing to remember: Trump murdered an Iranian General in cold blood. That’s premeditated murder. Don’t those things indicate a predisposition to murder?

    I realize we have been badly beat up over the last 8 years and we need a real leader to cull the insanity that surrounds us. Trump is not that guy. For those watching his first term, he clearly showed us what he is about — like pardoning 5 Wall Street megabanks for fraud.

    No one in the current political lineup — red, blue or independent — is competent to lead us thru the coming disasters. We need new blood.


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