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EXCLUSIVE: Facebook Censoring Machine at Full Speed Again

Facebook is at it again censoring every conservative they can find. 

Time to check into Facebook’s communications with the corrupt DOJ.  It looks like censorship against conservatives is in full swing again.

A recent post at JoeHoft.com shared the interview between Steve Bannon on Tucker Carlson.  This was a simple piece that shared a section of the interview between these conservative giants.

Incredible Interview with Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon

This post was shared on Facebook.  Within minutes the post was targeted and censored by Facebook.


A reader shared that she tried to share this post and was prevented from doing so.

I tried to send this article to my daughter who believes the same politically as I do….Guess what ? Facebook wouldn’t let me….they said it was not fair to post this on FB….Who wants to help me fight FB….I still have freedom in speech in the USA as of this moment…Maybe not the next moment….they will let me know in a few days if I am allowed to repost this in a private conversation….I say GOODBYE TO FB….YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN SHARE WITH MY DAUGHTER….

In another instance, Facebook prevented a post on Hunter Biden from being shared.  Facebook doesn’t want the world to see how perverted the Biden family is.  (Did Facebook share the lies from Stormy Daniels about her alleged affair with President Trump and stop showing photos of her?)

Facebook claims the picture in the post is intimate and can’t be shared without permission but we have permission from the individual who owned the picture, the computer repairman who Hunter left his computer with.

Here is the post:

LIMITED HANGOUT: Hunter Found Guilty

Here is the message from Facebook:

Here Facebook shares that they have removed the post.

Expect more and more of this.  By the 2024 Election, nothing will be shared on social media that is not approved by the corrupt Biden regime at the DOJ and other corrupt government bodies. 

1 thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Facebook Censoring Machine at Full Speed Again”

  1. They have alerted me also that I can’t share certain things on FB Messenger with my daughter either….I am so mad, I am ready to ditch them….they do NOT have the right to tell me what I can discuss with any of my children…..I am 84 years old and she is 61…. Freedom of speech on FB is a thing of the past,,,,,and I will soon be too…….


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