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INSANE: The Washington State Supreme Court Rules Bar Exam No Longer Required for Lawyers

Washington Supreme Court

How is this good in any way?  

This is insanity. 

There is the law of unintended consequences, when an action causes things to go awry that were never expected, but this is plain dumb.

The Washington State Supreme Court is abolishing the Bar Exam because they claim it negatively impacts minorities.  Rather than fix the inner schools where minorities go to school, the neighborhoods where drugs and gangs are promoted, or the families destroyed by liberal policies, the insane and woke judges on the Washington state Supreme Court choose to destroy the legal profession in the state and make it as worthless a abandoned crack houses in the hood.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Washington State Supreme Court officially abolished the traditional bar exam requirement for aspiring lawyers Friday due to its perceived negative impact on minorities.

The Supreme Court has announced that the bar exam is no longer a requirement for those who aspire to be practicing lawyers. The Bar Licensure Task Force claims that the exam is only minimally effective in measuring competency and noted its unfair barrier to marginalized communities aspiring to practice law, according to the Washington Administrative Office of the Courts. The Task Force on Bar Licensure found that the usual bar exam unfairly stops people from underrepresented groups from entering the legal profession. The exam is not good at measuring if someone is qualified.

Washington has followed Oregon in getting rid of the bar exam requirement, making it the second state to do so after Oregon. Other states like Minnesota, Nevada, South Dakota, and Utah are looking into different ways to license lawyers, the Spokesman-Review reported.

“These recommendations come from a diverse body of lawyers in private and public practice, academics, and researchers who contributed immense insight, counterpoints and research to get us where we are today,” Washington Supreme Court Justice Raquel Montoya-Lewis, who chaired the task force, said in a statement, according to the Spokesman-Review. “With these alternative pathways, we recognize that there are multiple ways to ensure a competent, licensed body of new attorneys who are so desperately needed around the state.”

The ruling was reported on Twitter/X:

What an insane group of lunatics. I bet the discussion surrounding this ruling was cringeworthy.

Seriously, these justices think they’re smart when they are the dumbest people in the room. 

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