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Hamas Won’t Share the Number of Kidnapped Israelis from Oct 7 Still Alive


Hamas refuses to report on the number of Israelis kidnapped on Oct 7 who are still alive. 

On Oct 7, 2023 the whole world watched in horror as innocent Israeli citizens were murdered and kidnapped by Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel on that day.

Israel Releases Pictures and Video from Hamas Attack (VIDEO)

Captive Mia Schem survived and compared her experience to the Holocaust.

Young Woman Held Hostage by Hamas Terrorists, Mia Schem, Speaks Out, “I Went Through Holocaust” (VIDEO)

In January Hamas released pictures of some individuals who were kidnapped three months earlier. One was Nao Argamani who was taken on a motorcycle into Gaza by Hamas terrorists.

PURE EVIL: Hamas Releases Video of Woman Kidnapped Since Oct 7 – Noa Argamani

After all this Hamas wants Israel to stop searching for their own in Gaza and they won’t provide information on how many of those kidnapped are still alive.

Hamas was refusing to hand over the names of living hostages, stalling talks for a ceasefire, on Sunday night.

Israel has demanded to know how many of the roughly 130 hostages that remain in Gaza are still alive as a condition of returning to the negotiating table.

A delegation of Israeli negotiators due to arrive in Cairo this weekend to meet with representatives from the US and Qatar was withdrawn after Hamas refused to meet the condition, according to Israeli news website Ynet.

Earlier in the weekend, a senior Hamas representative had claimed that a ceasefire deal was as close as 24 hours away.

But Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said that, without the list, talk of a deal was premature. “We demand to know the names of all prisoners who will be part of the potential deal in advance,” he said at a news conference on Thursday.

He also emphasised that Israel “will not cease the war against Hamas,” suggesting that a ceasefire would be only a temporary measure.

More than 250 hostages were taken to Gaza when Hamas militia invaded Israel on Oct 7. In November, 105 of them – including 81 Israelis and 24 foreigners – were released from Gaza in exchange for 240 Palestinians, including 71 women and 169 children.

Hamas terrorists are brutal and barbaric. 

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