Enrique Tario Speaks Out About Death of Russian Navalny’s Death – What About American Prisoners? | Joe Hoft


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Enrique Tario Speaks Out About Death of Russian Navalny’s Death – What About American Prisoners?

Enrique Tario wasn’t at the Capitol on Jan 6 and yet he sits in a US prison being blamed for the riots on that day.  American media is in an uproar about a Russian’s death.  What about the Jan 6 victims of the Biden regime?  

Enrique Tario sits in prison and the US media could care less.  But when a Russian dies in a Russian prison, American media is outraged.

BREANNA MORELLO received a letter for Enrique Tario from prison.  She shared it on her Substack.  Here is what she shared.

As a journalist, I reach out to those that I have covered in the past often. One of those individuals is political prisoners Enrique Tarrio. Tarrio did not go to the “Stop The Steal Rally” on January 6, but the regime’s DOJ took Tarrio’s speech and used it against him in court. As a result, a bias liberal jury found him guilt of whatever the DOJ wanted to accuse him of. It’s important to note that Tarrio spent over two years sitting in solitary confinement while in a D.C. jail. Tarrio is currently sitting in a Kentucky prison serving a 22 year sentence. It’s important to remember the DOJ is also currently appealing Tarrio’s sentence. They wanted 32 years and they are asking the courts to reexamine his sentence. 22 years isn’t long enough for the DOJ.

Tarrio sent me this well-written email the other day. I think it’s important to share this with the world. It debunks their narrative on what kind of man Tarrio is. I am sharing this at my own discretion after Tarrio privately sent it to me.

Maybe if I was mute deaf and blind I can be persuaded that there is genuine outrage at President Trumps recent comments comparing himself to Alexei Navalny. As a person who is currently held in a remote federal prison that sits on top of a mountain 1300 miles away from home in the middle of nowhere behind multiple barbed fences and concrete walls for the next 20 years of my life (Navalny was sentenced to 19…Me? 22.) for expressing my views on Joe Biden and the 2020 election, I think I’m the most qualified person in the United States to speak on this. President Trump is not only correct in his comparison but he also hits the mark when it comes to his and others persecution and detainment under the Biden/Garland regime. I do believe no one is above the law and I have stated multiple times I do not condone some of the things Isaw happen on January 6th. I believe that those that caused damage and assaulted others should be prosecuted equally under the law. But this is not what we have seen in ANY of these cases, from Trumps 4 criminal trials to the hundreds of cases revolving around the events at the Capitol. In EVERY SINGLE case we have seen novel uses of the law, Exculpatory evidence withheld, Defense witnesses threatened by federal agents with indictment, FBI agents violating attorney client privileges’ and judges with no regard for precedents…

…While many media personalities are concerned with the recent death of Alexei Navalny It leaves me wondering if they see the irony. There are 1400+ Navalnies in the United States but they’re worried about what happens in RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA. Spare me the fake outrage and free the political prisoners.

To the MSM – Spare us all the outrage. 

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