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EXPERT: Biden Has Parkinson’s Disease

Joe Biden is ill.  He is very ill.

Not only is Joe Biden a corrupt, criminal, creep, he is also very ill.

The media woke up after President Trump destroyed Joe Biden in a debate.  They realized that their lies and covering up for Joe Biden was over.  It was a trainwreck.

Biden leaving the stage was even a trainwreck.

Since then the media has gone back and forth on getting rid of Joe Biden.  They don’t know whose orders to follow.

The press asked if Biden has had any exams since the debate which his team said he hasn’t but then Biden said he had.  The lies from this administration are constant.

Then word came out this weekend that a doctor that specializes in Parkinson’s disease visited the White House.  The media suddenly wanted to discuss senile Joe Biden’s health.

One doctor who is an expert in Parkinson’s disease spoke out and asserted that Joe Biden does indeed have the disease.




2 thoughts on “EXPERT: Biden Has Parkinson’s Disease”

  1. It is unethical for any medical professional to diagnose without examination, whether it is Pitts on Biden or Mary Trump on uncle Donald.
    That doesn’t mean they are necessarily wrong, only unethical.


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