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The WNBA: A Case Study of How Socialists Hate Greatness

The WNBA’s acceptance of Caitlin Clark, the greatest women’s basketball player in history has been apocalyptic.  This league has no idea what to do with such a gift. 

The WNBA is a case study in socialism and DEI hiring.

The WNBA hasn’t made a profit any year in its nearly 30 year existence.  The NBA subsidizes the league and keeps it afloat.  In the business world, the WNBA is what is called a dog.  It costs money to keep alive and sick dogs are eventually put down.

Then this year the WNBA was given a gift.  The gift was the greatest college women’s basketball was graduating from Iowa.  Caitlin Clark has a huge following after her record breaking years at Iowa.  Clark set and broke nearly every record for scoring and assists that college basketball had ever seen.  She was incomparable.

Clark broke records in the most exciting way. It was no wonder that the sports world began following her as well as the rest of the country.

Here is a list of some of Clark’s records via the Sporting News:

NCAA records

Most career points — Division I, men’s and women’s (3,951)

Most points in single season — Division I, women’s (1,234)

Most career 3-pointers — Division I, men’s and women’s (548)

Most 3-pointers in a single season — Division I, men’s and women’s (201)

NCAA Tournament records

Most career points — Division I, men’s or women’s (491)

Most career assists — Division I, men’s or women’s (152)

Most career 3-pointers — Division I, men’s or women’s (78)

Most points in single tournament — Division I, men’s or women’s (191)

Most 3-pointers in single tournament — Division I, men’s or women’s (32)

Big Ten records

Most career points in Big Ten history

Most career 3-pointers in Big Ten history

Most career assists in Big Ten history

Most points in single season in Big Ten history

Most 3-pointers in single season in Big Ten history

Most assists in single season in Big Ten history

Most free throws in single season in Big Ten history

Most Big Ten Player of the Week honors in Big Ten history

Clark’s senior season was exceptional when compared to all the other women in the NCAA in 23-24.

These numbers are something but her plays were outstanding.  By the end of this year’s NCAA season Clark was breaking and setting records with every shot and assist she made.

In a game in the regular season Clark hits a last second shot to win the game and there was silence before the home crowd exploded.

Then Clark went on to set the woman’s NCAA record for scoring in a career and the crowd exploded:

Here is another look at that shot.

Then Clark went on to beat the Pistol Pete’s all-time record for scoring in a career:

The NCAA tournament was next as the Hawkeye women racked up win after win.  A whole new fanbase was formed that followed Clark.  The Hawkeye women set record after record for attendance and viewership all season long culminating in the NCAA tournament.

Clark and the Iowa Hawkeye women ended up second in the country, losing the NCAA Tournament Championship game in front of a record crowd, with more TV viewership for the first time ever greater than the men’s championship game.

These fans followed Clark into the WNBA.  This women’s basketball league celebrated the incoming class into the WNBA, minimizing Clark’s importance by attempting to raise up other new league players. The fans showed that Clark was more important than most men’s teams in the NBA.

Here’s another trend that shows Clark’s importance to the WNBA.

Then came reality.

The women and the league began to show their true colors.  They weren’t grateful for Clark bringing in millions of new eyes to the game, and they began to show it on the court.

In a game in New York in front of the largest ticket sales in league history, 2023’s league MVP pulled one of the cheapest shots in sports history.  “Never seen a savior of a league get treated like this”, Dave Portnoy from Bar Stool Sports shared.

This was only the beginning. There was more, much more. In a game against Chicago, Clark was assaulted on the floor after being called a “B*tch” by

This was reported by The Gateway Pundit and across the country.

ASSAULT! Caitlin Clark – The Savior of the WNBA – Pummeled by Chicago Players During Game – Angel Reese Gets In on the Action! – VIDEOS

Fellow rookie Angel Reese from Chicago about knocked Clark out in a play in the same game.

The other players in the WNBA aren’t Clark’s only opposition.  The WNBA itself is against Caitlin Clark. 

Despite bringing in millions of fans to the WNBA and being the top player in the WNBA, Clark was snubbed by the WNBA and not selected to the Olympic team.  Around the world, people know who Caitlin Clark is but she won’t be in Paris despite being the best.

BIG MISTAKE, HUGE: WNBA Envy Keeping Caitlin Clark Out of the Olympics Damaged Basketball

On Wednesday, July 3rd, the WNBA announced it is releasing a movie titled, “Year One”.  It will be a behind the scenes look at four top rookie players this year.

Caitlin Clark is not one of the rookies selected in the movie.  

The problem with the WNBA is not Caitlin Clark, it is the WNBA itself.  Since its existence the league has relied on handouts to stay a going concern.  The NBA was the entity behind the handouts.

Like other socialist enterprises, the WNBA after some time lost its goal of success because it would always stay in existence as long as the NBA was backing them.  Socialism is the opposite of a meritocracy.  The WNBA was staying around no matter how unattractive it was.  It learned over time to demand more when the market was not there to support these demands.

Then comes Caitlin Clark and the massive following that she attained during her years doing spectacular things in the NCAA.  Clark shattered records with iconic shots.  She was different, brilliant and great.  She brought these fans to this failing league.

Rather than thank Clark and admit that she has earned this fan base by what she does, the WNBA wants all Clark fans to recognize the other girls in the league for what they can’t do.  But the problem is that the other girls in the league have not done what Clark has done.  None of the girls in the league have reached the numbers that Clark did in the NCAA.  None consistently make the shots that Clark makes.  None of the girls in the league have attained a triple double in the WNBA as a rookie.

But socialists don’t care.  They hate greatness.  They hate meritocracy.  They want more but don’t appreciate what it takes to get more.  This is the WNBA.


5 thoughts on “The WNBA: A Case Study of How Socialists Hate Greatness”

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  2. My god this guy Joe Hoft is really passionate about a league he obviously doesn’t watch. The W has been hyping CC a bunch, they put her games on national television all the time even though her team has a losing record. She’s a great player, but not the best in the W, and none of you weirdos even know the obvious answer to who is the best in the league. That’s fine though, she’s a rookie and will keep getting better.

  3. The hubbub over Clarke has nothing to do with “socialism”. As in the NBA, many of the WNBA Knee-grows cannot accept that there is a “Whitey” that is the best player. This is nothing new. It happened during the times of Pete Maravich, Larry Bird, and currently with players lik e Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic.
    Even though invented by “Whitey” many Knee-grows believe basketball is “their” game.


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