EXCLUSIVE: President Trump Found Guilty of 11 Felonies for the Equivalent of Receiving 11 Electric Bills in the Mail | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: President Trump Found Guilty of 11 Felonies for the Equivalent of Receiving 11 Electric Bills in the Mail

President Trump was charged with 34 “felonies” on Thursday related to accounting activities, many of which he likely never performed in his entire life.  

11 of these “felonies” were for the equivalent of receiving an electric bill in the mail. 

Corrupt Soros-backed Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, and the Trump-hating gang of former Obama White House and Biden DOJ members like Mike Colangelo, dropped a BS indictment against President Trump in April 2023.

Below is the indictment:

Donald J. Trump Indictment by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Yesterday, a New York jury in corrupt Judge Merchan’s court found President Trump guilty of 34 “felonies”.  Judge Merchan is arguably the most conflicted judge in history with his 20-something daughter raking in tens of millions from Democrat politicians before and during this case being tried. 

These so-called “felonies” have been ignored by Big Media for a year and yet their accounting related characteristics really stand out to anyone with an accounting background.

Eleven of these activities classified as “felonies” in the indictment don’t make any sense.  President Trump didn’t commit these crimes because these accounting activities clearly aren’t crimes.

Throughout the indictment the corrupt actors going after President Trump claim the following in 11 instances, starting with their first of 34 so-called felonies.

The defendant, in the County of New York and elsewhere, on or about February 14, 2017, with intent to defraud and intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof, made and caused a false entry in the business records of an enterprise, to wit, an invoice from Michael Cohen dated February 14, 2017, marked as a record of the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust, and kept and maintained by the Trump Organization.

Eleven times this indictment makes similar claims as above.  This “felony” refers to the receipt of an invoice.

Bragg claims that President Trump:

made and caused a false entry in the business records of an enterprise, to wit, an invoice from Michael Cohen.

This is the same as saying President Trump received an invoice from Michael Cohen.  I don’t believe that there was evidence that President Trump ever received these invoices himself.  But it really doesn’t matter.

US companies and entities receive thousands, if not millions of invoices everyday.  Individuals receive invoices as well.  For most people they receive their electric bill or invoice in the mail or via email.

President Trump was found guilty of 11 felonies for receiving invoices in the mail or in his email.  This is the equivalent of an American being found guilty of a felony for receiving their electric bill in the mail.

It is likely that no one in history other than President Trump has ever been charged with a felony for receiving an invoice from a vendor.  Trump has no control over the receipt of invoices.  He certainly never created them.

Also, he likely never received an invoice in his life.  His accounts payable department would receive the invoices and record receiving them in vouchers in the books.  President Trump never did this.  He was the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company.  This work was performed by the accounts payable department and yet he is charged with 12 felonies for posting these entries in the books.

The remaining 11 felonies for paying the invoices were also likely prepared by the accounts payable department and perhaps signed by President Trump.  Bragg claims that President Trump signed 9 of the checks.

It’s most likely that President Trump signed these checks after a cursory review at best, as most executives do for small payments.

This entire case is a sham.  The fact that these monsters like Bragg and Colangelo used this to imprison an innocent man for fake crimes is the real crime.

Joe Hoft holds a CPA and MBA and multiple degrees and designations.  He once oversaw the financial reporting of a billion-dollar entity and was also an international executive in Hong Kong for nearly a decade. 


6 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: President Trump Found Guilty of 11 Felonies for the Equivalent of Receiving 11 Electric Bills in the Mail”

  1. Great explanation, Joe. Thank you for the perspective! You make it so clear and understandable – which makes the whole thing even worse!

  2. Clearly Donald J Trump committed a crime by having mail delivered to him.

    And he committed more crimes by paying his bills!

    He’s the Lex Luther of NYC

    Well now they got him!

    It’s a good thing too or Trump would still be there getting bills and paying them.

  3. The 34 felonies: One for each of the 11 invoices, 11 checks, and 12 ledger entries tied to reimbursing his lawyer. Think of it as a car payment coupon book. Could a juror say, “He is guilty for January, May, and June, but not the other months?”

  4. So what they are saying is Trump should have made it so he didn’t receive the invoices, nor should he have paid them nor marked them as being paid in the ledger?

    Had he done any of those things couldn’t he get in trouble with the law for potential actual crimes? Like wouldn’t it technically be mail fraud if he gave a false address so that he never received the invoices? Or if he refuses to pay wouldn’t that potentially be stealing? Or if he paid but didn’t record it in the ledger wouldn’t that be some kind of other fraud? Clearly there was no winning for Trump here.

  5. This entire episode is in Defiance of both US Law and the Divine Law of God.(Vengeance is Mine sayeth the Lord)
    The ‘silver lining’ is that the very next R president is now open to the just cause of prosecuting the actual criminals Bill – Hillary – Barak – Joey. et al.


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