Two Different Summaries of DA Bragg’s Guilty Verdicts Against President Trump – Both Spot On | Joe Hoft


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Two Different Summaries of DA Bragg’s Guilty Verdicts Against President Trump – Both Spot On

Here are the perspectives of two very different and very smart individuals. 

The first perspective of what President Trump has had to go through calling his current campaign a REVENGE TOUR is from CannCon.  CannCon is a marine with multiple trips overseas.  He’s a hero and an expert in seeing through the fascist BS.

Trump will be fine. However, the country may not.

But damn…

They’ve impeached him twice, shut down the entire country, stole an election, took away hundreds of millions dollars and his business license, accused him of rape (and produced NO evidence) and then completely twisted any shred of faith in our judicial system to convict him of 34 felonies that they pumped up from misdemeanors and provided no evidence beyond testimony of a twice- convicted perjurer.

And they’re still chasing him over inciting an insurrection when NO ONE has been charged under 18 USC 2383 and classified documents…that we now know where SHIPPED TO HIM by the GSA.

They spied on his campaign, arrested his NSA Director, raided his home, lied to him about troop movements in Syria, had discussions with a foreign adversary behind his back to subvert his authority, 93% negative news coverage from our CIA-media

And he’s still the front-runner. Because while they’re doing all that, gas is $4/gallon. Groceries are up 30%. Mortgage rates are over 7%. The world is burning and we’re funding both sides in it.

Time to put the crazies back in the asylum.


Here is CannCon’s tweet:

This tweet comes from a lovely young lady who is spot on with her perspectives of President Trump’s decision in Manhattan as well.  Liz Wheeler has a large following because of her common sense as well.

Hillary Clinton deleted 30k emails.

Epstein’s clients walk free.

Mayorkas allowed invasion of our border.

Pelosi’s rich from insider trading.

Hunter is a crack addict with hookers.

Biden sold access to Chinese commies.

Steven D’Antuano staged the Whitmer fed-napping & Jan 6th.

Peter Strzock & Lisa Page weaponized the FBI to “get Trump.”

Fauci lied about funding gain-of-function that created the COVID-19 virus.

Cuomo killed 11k elderly people in NY.

Pfizer & Moderna lied about the safety of the mRNA jabs.

Planned Parenthood sold aborted baby body parts.

They’re all walking free.

But TRUMP is convicted for… paying his attorney?

Here’s Liz Wheeler’s tweet:

Well done two smart patriots. 

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