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Day 2 of Lindell Summit – A Solution Is Provided

Mike Lindell’s plan was revealed Thursday afternoon at his Summit in Springfield, Missouri.

Mike Lindell announced his plan to ensure election integrity at his Summit in Springfield, Missouri Thursday afternoon.  The Summit began on Wednesday after days of speculation for what Lindell was proposing to ensure free and fair elections in the 2024 Election.

Mike Lindell, known to many as the “My Pillow Guy”, has worked tirelessly for many months since the 2020 Election with many concerned citizens across the country to ensure that US elections going forward are free and fair.

Lindell’s “Election Summit” in Springfield, was held at the same as last year’s event.  Many Americans from across the country were there to participate and to take in the information shared.

The list of presenters at this year’s event included Lindell, Justice Mike Gabelman from Wisconsin, Steve Bannon, General Mike Flynn, Lou Dobbs, and many more.  “America’s Mayor” Rudi Giuliani and Texas AG Ken Paxton did not make it due to recent events.  The event included a number of election experts and local patriots who have worked tirelessly across the country to ensure the next election is not stolen like in 2020.

Many of these individuals presented at the event and those there shared information as well.  Overall, there was hope in the air as the many successes across the country since 2020 were shared.

Before the event Lindell shared that only 14 people knew of the solution that he presented Thursday.  Those involved have kept this secret for some time.  Lindell shared that tens of thousands of Americans on the ground across this great nation have been working to address the numerous issues with the 2020 and 2022 elections.  These individuals have canvassed and attended numerous local, county and state meetings encouraging those in charge to take seriously these elections that impact the entire world.

General Mike Flynn gave credit to Lindell for putting this event together.  “No one in America has worked harder to improve the election integrity of U.S. election systems and processes than Mike Lindell.”

At one o’clock on Thursday, after a day and a half of presentations regarding the efforts of many to address election irregularities, Lindell provided his answer for election integrity.

The Business Insider reported as follows about Lindell’s solution:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he has a new tool to combat election fraud: A Wi-Fi monitoring device mounted on a drone that he claims can protect voting machines from the evil Chinese Communist Party and nefarious individuals.

“The wireless monitoring device is a sophisticated networking connection monitoring system, designed specifically with election security in mind,” an advertisement voiceover said at the start of the latest episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast.

The advertisement showed a device with a small screen, housed in a transparent enclosure. The text “WMD” was emblazoned on the top of the device casing.

“We have been told our election computers are never connected to the Internet. The WMD will put that to the test by detecting and reporting in real-time Wi-Fi connections in county and state election offices,” the advertisement voiceover continued.

“Nothing like this has ever been done before in history”, Lindell shared.  

So many Americans have lost hope in the American dream since the 2020 election.  Mike Lindell hopes that his efforts will provide an answer for the 2024 Election.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 of Lindell Summit – A Solution Is Provided”

  1. How much do these devices cost? How do we get them into the hands of Patriots in each precinct? How do we get them in the air over every central tabulation center for each county? Can these devices be carried into the parking lots of the polling places?
    It’s a great idea, but if you can’t mobilize it, that’s all it is, is a great idea. Let’s roll out a plan of action. Let’s research these devices and get training on the proper use. Let’s have classes on how to analyze the information that the device will provide and how to use it in a court of law. While we are at it lets formulate a plan to have these devices pin-point the locations of the NGO offices where these information packets are being sent from and then use our 1st Amendment right to PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE in protest around these locations. Let’s Bring It, MEGA MAGA!

    • All these things will do is scan for the presence of wifi networks. That in itself proves nothing. The only way to find out what kind of data is moving through these networks is to connect to them, and that won’t be possible without connecting to them, which these devices can’t do. Authorized access to the networks is almost certainly not going to be available, and hacking them is illegal. You’re almost as big a sucker as Mike.

  2. The only these gadgets will prove is that Mike Lindell is a sucker. Dennis Montgomery took him for a ride two years ago, now this Jeff O’Donnell and whoever else is pushing these are doing it again.


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