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Commie AOC Holds Biden’s Hand in Short Video – Why Was She There?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was filmed with Joe Biden recently in a bizarre setting.  Why?

AOC was filmed with senile Joe Biden recently holding his hand as they walked.  She is one of the most radically communist leaning representatives in Congress.  Why was she there and why was this released?

Marjorie Taylor-Greene (MTG) had a simple reason why and it has to do with the weak RINO Speaker Mike Johnson.

If you were wondering why AOC was holding hands with Joe Biden? Why she keeps playing ball with Congressional leadership (including Mike Johnson)?

It’s because she just got the Green New Deal!

Joe Biden just announced the Climate Corps (20,000 new federal agents) to police and terrorize the oil industry, the auto industry, and every small business across America.

These new feds will focus on “conservation, green energy and environmental justice work.” In other words, they’ll be coming after you, your car, and your business.

Speaker Johnson could have stopped this in his two-part omnibus in appropriations, but yet again he gave the Democrats everything they wanted.

It’s absolute insanity!

Clearly, the whole scene was a photo op.  Both Biden and AOC are not smart enough or competent enough to do their own thinking so this was all staged.  They must be preparing AOC for a future stolen election.

God Bless America. 

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