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Biden Is Totally Losing It (VIDEOS)

Biden Teleprompter

Joe Biden is getting too old and senile. We all know it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the corrupt Dems keep him on their ticket.

What a mess Joe Biden is. Trust your eyes – this man is not well or functioning at all.

Here is Biden reading “four more years, pause” showing that the entire event is a production built around a corrupt, senile, unattractive, dumb, lying, sniffing, old man.

The teleprompter runs the world.

Everyone knows that Biden didn’t cut the debt – it’s a lie – he’s adding $1 trillion to it every 100 days.

The gangsters running Biden (i.e. Obama, Hillary, etc…) want to destroy the US. 

1 thought on “Biden Is Totally Losing It (VIDEOS)”

  1. The bigger the lie, pause, the easier it’s believed. This guy can’t stop lying, John 8:44, the same as his father. Our only hope, in this spiritual warfare, is the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s my 6th year of reading the King James Bible cover to cover in a year’s time. And I’ve only scratched the surface. my right on has turned into read on!


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