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Caitlin Clark’s Career at University of Iowa Comes to an End

Caitlin Clark in Dress

The great Caitlin Clark who captivated a nation has played her last game as an Iowa Hawkeye.

Ciatlin Clark set numerous records while captivating sports fans and non-sports fans across the country.  This kind warrior on the basketball court ended her career at the NCAA National Championship as her team Iowa lost to the powerful South Carolina women’s team.

Clark began and ended the game setting records.  She scored 18 points in the first quarter, setting a national championship record while each point she scored and assist she made broke numerous records.

Here is a list of records that Clark set just this season (for a list of records during her career see here) her Senior year (2023-24):

  • Named preseason Big Ten Player of the Year
  • Unanimous AP preseason All-America selection
  • Became Iowa’s all-time leading scorer
  • Achieved most 30-point games by any man or woman in Division I in the past 25 seasons
  • Shared The Sporting News Athlete of the Year honors with Angel Reese of LSU
  • Became Big Ten’s all-time leader in assists
  • Became Iowa’s all-time leader in assists
  • Broke Big Ten Player of the Week conference record
  • Broke Big Ten all-time scoring record
  • Became Division I women’s career scoring leader
  • Broke Iowa’s single-game scoring record
  • Became all-time leader in points among major women’s college basketball players
  • Set Big Ten career record for 3-pointers
  • Set NCAA single-season record for 3-pointers
  • Became all-time NCAA Division I men’s and women’s scoring leader
  • Unanimous Big Ten Player of the Year
  • Named first-team All-Big Ten
  • Achieved most three-pointers in a single season by any male or female Division I player
  • Became the first Division I women’s player to score at least 1,000 points in two different seasons
  • Became career leading scorer in the Big Ten tournament
  • Named Most Outstanding Player in Big Ten tournament
  • Achieved most points in single season in Division I women’s history
  • Passed Temeka Johnson for the most career assists in NCAA tournament history
  • Passed Diana Taurasi for the most career 3-pt FG in NCAA tournament history
  • Tied Courtney Moses for the most threes in a game in NCAA tournament history
  • Became first player in NCAA tournament history with 3 career 40-point games
  • Passed Taylor Robertson for most career 3-pt FG in Division I history
  • Named Albany 2 Regional Most Outstanding Player
  • Won Naismith Player of the Year for the second year in a row
  • Won AP Player of the Year for the second year in a row
  • Achieved the most points in a single quarter of an NCAA championship game
  • Passed Chamique Holdsclaw for the most career NCAA tournament points

But her records were only part of it.  It was her passes and her shots from the logo at center court that amazed fans.  She brought to women’s basketball something that we never saw before.  There have been great women’s players but no one like Caitlin Clark.

Rebecca Lobo at ESPN puts it this way:

Let’s talk about Caitlin Clark.

I mean, everybody is talking about her. Has been for months.

People have been debating whether she’s the GOAT. Sports fans have been arguing whether she’s the best player of her generation. Analysts, like me, have been pontificating that the Iowa Hawkeyes senior guard is the best offensive player to come around in decades.

But one fact is beyond debate: Caitlin Clark has been a singular force who has grown the women’s game in ways no college player ever has before.

We’ve never seen a player sell tickets like Clark, both at home and on the road. We’ve never seen a player drive ratings like she has. We’ve never had a player bring this many eyeballs to women’s college basketball.

Caitlin Clark has captivated the broader sports fan. The casual sports fan. Even the non-sports fan.

People simply love watching her play.

We’ll see what happens next year.  The likelihood of another year like this one is slim.  There will be no Caitlin Clark in college basketball.

The reason the WNBA is dead is because of former UConn players like this.  They are all jealous.  They are also very stupid for not seeing that Clark has lifted them more than anyone ever.  They should thank Clark not attack her.

The hope for women’s sports lies with Clark as she moves from college to pro.  Unfortunately jealously from idiots is in the way. 

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