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Trump Team’s Sunday Note

Biden Shirtless

If you tuned in on Sunday morning to CNN, of all places, you would have learned two key things about the state of the race and election. 

For starters, Joe Biden is scared to debate President Trump and refusing to commit to a debate. As Tiffany Smiley said on CNN, “For a president who talks about democracy…I think he should absolutely debate him. The American people deserve to see our two presidents…debate on the world stage. That’s democracy in action.”

Joe Biden is refusing to debate President Trump because he’s afraid of his record. Inflation continues to hurt American families, the border is out of control, and the world is on fire.

Instead of improving the nation, Democrats are resorting to election interference. As Smiley noted on CNN: “The American people…believe that our judicial system is sort of rigged against Donald Trump. For example, Judge Juan Merchan…his daughter raises money for Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris…that judge needs to recuse himself from that case.”

Here’s more:

  • The Biden administration is celebrating dismal jobs numbers:
  • Biden continues to try and appease an increasingly fractured base:
    • Protestors wielding signs declaring “Israel kills kids, Biden funds” forced Biden’s motorcade to depart from its scheduled route on Saturday.
  • WORLD ON FIRE: U.S. prepares for Iranian strike on Israeli and American assets.
    • This comes after Biden spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping for the first time in two years on Tuesday, the Chinese immediately sent boats and warplanes to Taiwan, in another clear sign of Biden’s weakness.
    • Last month, in another sign of Biden’s weakness on the world stage, Niger declared the presence of U.S. troops illegal.
  • Alvin Bragg continues to ignore a surge in rapes and robberies while targeting Donald Trump.
    • The New York Post reported Saturday that there has been a surge in major crime in a Bronx precinct.
      • “Major crime has surged 27%”
      • “Rape has skyrocketed 175% (11 from 4), felony assault soared 18% (105 from 89), robbery climbed 6% (68 from 64); grand larceny ballooned 70% (251 from 148) and auto larceny rose 9% (113 from 104), the stats show.”
    • Alvin Bragg is weak-on-crime. He downgraded 60 percent of felony cases to lesser charges in 2023.
  • As we get closer to November 5, the lies from the media continue to accelerate.

USA Today is trying to convince readers that Joe Biden is “clamping down” on illegal immigration. This is as fake news as fake news gets. Joe Biden reversed the successful Trump polices that secured our nation. Biden’s policies are directly responsible for the record number of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

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