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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: TIME Mag Portrays Biden Admin as Purveyor of Truth and Transparency (UNREAL)

Burns Sullivan and Haines from TIME

Time magazine continues its propaganda and pro-left agenda claiming that the Biden Administration is the purveyor of transparency and truth. 

This is why nobody trusts legacy media and runs from it.  

Time magazine came out with a piece this morning where they claim that the Biden Administration is transparent and dedicated to the truth.  Unfortunately, this is all garbage.

Time shares:

The declassification and release of the Serbian troop movements is one example of a novel White House approach to using intelligence that has grown out of the U.S. response to the war in Ukraine. Starting in the fall of 2021, as U.S. spies became convinced Russia was preparing to invade, Sullivan worked with Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines and CIA Director William Burns to “downgrade” classified details of Moscow’s moves. “We were sitting on this troubling information,” says Maher Bitar, NSC coordinator for intelligence and defense policy, “and we needed to get ahead of what the Russians were going to do.”

More than two years later, the White House has built a broad program to share secrets when it serves strategic goals. About once a week, White House officials see intelligence that they want to make public and get approval from Sullivan to try, more than a dozen current and former White House and national-security officials tell TIME. Intelligence officials at the NSC send requests to the ODNI, which processes them, agreeing on cleared language with those who created the secrets to begin with. “The ultimate decision on whether to green-light or red-light a given piece of information rests with the professionals in the intelligence community,” Sullivan says.

The motivation behind the program, the officials say, is that it works. Strategic declassification has denied Russian President Vladimir Putin “false narratives,” Burns said in a speech last summer, “putting him in the uncomfortable and unaccustomed position of being on his back foot.” The effort has expanded beyond Russia. The U.S. has declassified intelligence to blunt Chinese saber-rattling in the Taiwan Strait, to pressure Iran to stop supplying weapons to the Houthis attacking shipping vessels in the Red Sea, and to counter Hamas’ false claims about Israeli strikes. “This is a game changer,” says Kirby. “I hope they never put it back in the bottle.”

This is all garbage and clearly another attempt to propagandize and promote the corrupt and insane Biden Administration.

Biden has given Iran billions of dollars.  Declassifying some documents related to Iran will not overcome the damage that will be produced by terrorist nation Iran no matter what is declassified.

Biden Gang Has Awarded $50-60 Billion to Iran Since Taking Over

China is doing what it wants around the globe.  It is funding the manufacture and import of deadly drugs that are killing more Americans annually than all the deaths in the Vietnam War.  But Biden does nothing about this.  Thousands of Chinese nationals are crossing the US Southern border and Biden does nothing.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Michael Yon on Chinese Invasion of Southern Border (VIDEO)

Also, claiming that Biden is standing up against Hamas is an outright lie.  Biden’s administration gives money to Iran and therefore Hamas and Hezbollah, all the same entities on the same track.  Biden’s Administration is not standing up against Hamas, it sides with Hamas and Iran against Israel.

Caroline Glick: Biden Gang Siding with Hamas and Trying to Influence Israel’s Actions in Gaza

TIME magazine hasn’t changed in years.  It’s propaganda that is polished up to look like transparency and claim the truth.  This is the opposite of what it portrays itself to be.  

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