BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Missouri AG and State Auditor Taking on Unlawful Excessive Property Tax Assessments Affecting Hundreds of Thousands – Blackrock Owned Firm Involved | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Missouri AG and State Auditor Taking on Unlawful Excessive Property Tax Assessments Affecting Hundreds of Thousands – Blackrock Owned Firm Involved

Two Missouri Elected Officials are Bringing Relief to Tens of Thousands of Jackson County Property Owners. These Two Formidable Officials are, Attorney General Andrew Bailey and State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick.

December 20, 2023 by Joe Hoft and Toni Viens, MAI

In today’s world, there are few elected officials who truly care about the rule-of-law or the welfare of their constituents; however, in Missouri, two formidable elected officials are working to provide relief to tens of thousands Jackson County home owners.

For property Tax Year 2023, Kansas City and all of Jackson County, property owners were shocked with the dramatic increase in property tax assessments. The majority of the current assessments were in excess of 30% from the previous year, with many assessments increased by 100% or more. Along with the unrealistically high property assessments, the assessment notices were mailed late which resulted in reducing the allotted time a home owner could register an appeal. Additionally, the appeal process was convoluted and the assessor’s office was often unreachable.

Property owners were not afforded any discernable relief from Gail McCann Beatty, the Jackson County Director of Assessment or from Frank White, the County Executive. Either party could have mitigated this situation, but chose not to do so.

Thankfully, through concerted efforts of several local elected officials and a number of citizens, both the State Attorney General and the State Auditor became involved in helping resolve this untenable situation.

Missouri AG Andrew Bailey
Missouri Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick

On December 19, 2023, State Attorney General Bailey brought forth a legal action against Frank White in his official capacity as Jackson County’s Executive Director, Gail McCann Beatty in her official capacity as Jackson County Director of Assessment, Jackson County Legislature, Jackson County Board of Equalization and Tyler Technologies, Inc. (partially owned by Blackrock, an Investment Management and Financial Services firm with trillions of dollars of assets under management).

In a “Writ of Mandamus,” Attorney General Bailey states:

Jackson County’s 2023 Assessments were not only unlawful, but the failures were systemic – from failing to provide proper notice and inspections under the law, to coercing property owners to drop their appeals. Repeatedly, Jackson County violated the rights of property owners, adding insult to injury at a time in which inflation is already a scourge upon Missouri citizens. Those affected by Jackson County’s systemic failures under the law were not just a hand full of citizens; instead, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of citizens and property owners are impacted. When property values are not assessed in accordance with the law, citizens may be overtaxed without an effective avenue for relief, along with a myriad of other collateral consequences. For thousands of citizens with little opportunity to improve their financial situations and simply struggling to make ends meet under normal circumstances, such as senior citizens living on a fixed income, the consequences of Jackson County’s unlawful conduct can be severe.”

Attorney General’s full Writ of Mandamus:

Petition for Writ of Mandamus by Joe Ho on Scribd

In addition to the Attorney General’s findings, on December 18, 2023, the State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick sent a letter to Gail McCann Beatty as County Assessor, Frank White as County Executive and the Jackson County Legislature addressing the following conclusions

“The Jackson County AD [Assessor] failed to provide property owners whose properties’ assessed valuations increased over 15 percent adequate notification of their rights regarding physical inspections, and what notification was given was inaccurate and often untimely. As a result, the AD did not comply with the provisions of Section 137.115.11 and any residential real property assessed valuation increase over 15 percent is likely invalid. The Jackson County Legislature, County Executive, and Assessor should determine what remedies are available, such as limiting 2023 assessed valuation increases to 15 percent, using prior year assessed valuations, or allowing additional appeals and/or tax protests; then notify taxpayers of these remedies, and allow adequate time for the taxpayers to pursue such remedies.”

The Missouri State Auditor’s two document correspondence can be found at the following link

Missouri State Auditor Review 12-18-2023 by Joe Ho on Scribd

Having both the State Attorney General and State Auditor become involved in the over assessment situation in Jackson County, was the result of the encouragement of many property owners and real estate professionals.

The following who volunteered extensively of their time and professional knowledge in providing relief to all home owners in Jackson County should be given special recognition.

Chris Sander, State Representative, arranged meetings with state officials to go over the improprieties of the Jackson County Assessment Department, the County Executive Office, County Board of Equalization, County Legislature and the County’s consultant Tyler Technologies. Representative Sander will be introducing a number of bills designed to help mitigate any future problematic assessment issues.

Sean Smith, 6th District Legislator for Jackson County, held many interviews with a number of county officials, met with numerous citizens to provide direction on the process of property appeal, arranged for experts to speak directly with county and state officials and worked with the State Auditor in helping to resolve the over assessment of thousands of Jackson County home owners.

Preston Smith, former candidate for County Office, provided numerous in person presentations and podcasts to help people understand the valuation and appeal processes. Mr. Smith had a number of press interviews, completed data analysis on assessments and coordinate with Sean Smith and Chris Sanders to bring the Jackson County assessment situation to the attention of Missouri State officials.

Stacey Johnson-Cosby, Realtor and Advocate, is one of the most knowledgeable real estate professionals in greater Kansas City Metro. Ms. Cosby held workshops over a number of weekends where property owners could receive advice and help from a panel of experts knowledgeable in property assessment. Ms. Cosby also meet with the Missouri State Auditor’s Kansas City satellite office.

Marlene Jeffers, Principal, Courthouse USA, an expert in computer property data aggregation and new appraisal technology. Ms. Jeffers shared her in-depth knowledge on computer systems with state and local officials. Ms. Jeffers was interviewed by media a number of times and provided detailed insight to the workings of mass appraisal technology.

Toni Viens

Toni Viens, MAI, Real Property Tax Consultant, Author and Instructor, provided guidance to hundreds of home and duplex owners on property valuation, income analysis and the appeal process. Ms. Viens also wrote a 50-page research paper on the flaws of the Assessor and Tyler Technology commercial property valuation. Ms. Viens conclusions related to Jackson County Tax Year 2023 commercial property valuation process is: “Based upon documentation the Jackson County Assessment Department Director in concert with Tyler Technologies provided to the public, and without additional information from the County, the methodology used for commercial property assessment for Tax Year 2023 did not adhere to acceptable appraisal practice, and the Jackson County commercial property valuation conclusions are overinflated and unsubstantiated.”

Research Report – Jackson County Commercial Property Assessment for Tax Year 2023 by Joe Ho on Scribd

Antonia “Toni” Viens, MAI, SRA is a consultant and works directly with Mass Appraisers, Assessor’s Offices, Attorneys and Property Owners in providing direction in property valuation appeals and in instructing appraisers on real property mass appraisal valuation. Toni has worked in an Associate Chief Appraiser/Director of Assessments capacity for several appraisal districts and has worked directly with on staff attorneys in the appeal process for larger commercial properties, many in excess of 100 of millions of dollars.

Toni holds the MAI and SRA designations and has worked in the Mass Appraisal field since 2004. She has served as a Special Magistrate and State Hearing Officer presiding over appeal hearings and providing final appeal decisions. Toni has authored a number of industry articles, courses and taught as an adjunct professor for New York University’s School of Real Estate. Toni can be contacted at

9 thoughts on “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Missouri AG and State Auditor Taking on Unlawful Excessive Property Tax Assessments Affecting Hundreds of Thousands – Blackrock Owned Firm Involved”

  1. They first did the same thing 3-4 years ago, and they lied about how they appraised the homes. They just randomly marked it up a lot. Back then I had formally appealed it and won, this time due to circumstances of me being overseas I didn’t appeal. Thank God this this time the AG and Auditor got involved. The fraud is staggering. I don’t know what Blackrock and others know about Jackson County that we don’t (other than the obvious gentrification that’s happening) that’s causing THEM to artificially inflate home values so much so as to force households to sell.

    I know in other places property values are capped as to how much they can be raised every year by their respective city or county. It’s very likely that Kansas city having no cap, and jackson County being a prime location that the vultures decided jackson County was ripe for the picking, the victims being those with no voice ans no money. What we really need is a very good investigative reporter finding out what’s going on. We need to know the real story.

    • From: FireStaff Investigations
      We have imperial evidence of Dallas county, Missouri assessors office falsifying residential building that don’t exists on uninhabited lots. falsifying non existence out buildings, falsifying in excess of $40,000 land improvements on wooded uninhabited acreage. including the county prosecutor threatening to file crimes against government officials through the Sheriffs office, and that is just the tip of the iceburg, Yes this issue is state wide and out of control. Now you know why more people have not come forward.

      • edit my post; the prosecutor threatened our agents with crimes against Dallas county officials if we continued to investigate the issue, we are banned form contacting the recorder of deeds. all public records are sealed that we need. we are required to pay the prosecutor to access said records. we are proceeding with a federal complaint, stay tuned for the battle.
        contact if you have further information

  2. Dr. Sage: Million PhD,SPC©®
    We have an official letter from the OCDC office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel signed by Cecilia E. Young Stating that the County prosecutor, Recorder of Deeds and the Assessors office are not within the State’s jurisdiction to prosecute county employees. We also have an official letter from the Attorney General Eric Schmitt dated March 29, 2022 stating that the State of Missouri has no jurisdiction above the county. If the be the case, How then can the presiding attorney general and the state Auditor have jurisdiction when they chose to do so. OR! are we being played. Steven Ebert Assistant Attorney General sent Firestaff a link of private attorneys. That said! we know where that show from experience goes. the same goes with the so called sunshine laws. only a mass civil suit, exposure on state wide media,etc will bring this behavior back in check with the rule of law.
    you may also contact Mr. Million privately at

  3. FireStaff Investigations has been in contact with the Missouri State Auditors office this morning. a lengthy phone conversation with the auditors agent went very well. And I must say I am very impressed with the Missouri State auditors office communications. as a 45 years as an international criminal and historical investigator, I detected a sincere response via person to person interaction. Also here is the case number for the “Writ of Mandamus provided to us: SC100304

    • we just talked with the state audit office again. the state audit does not have jurisdiction to board Dallas County. the State auditor agent said to contact the State police. what a joke. we are proceeding to file a federal claim, leins, etc, this is the last post herein


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