BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Soros-Backed Los Angeles DA Pays Konnech Corp CEO $5 Million and Covers Up China’s Meddling in US Elections | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Soros-Backed Los Angeles DA Pays Konnech Corp CEO $5 Million and Covers Up China’s Meddling in US Elections

LA DA Gascon and Konnech CEO Eugene Yu

Is Los Angeles DA Gascon Gascon paying $5 million to Konnech Corp CEO Eugene Yu to cover up China’s verified meddling in US elections?

Is LA’s Soros backed and corrupt DA covering up China’s involvement in US elections?

Los Angeles County on Tuesday agreed to pay US$5 million to the founder and CEO of a software company who was briefly accused of stealing data on county poll workers in a case he said was pushed by conspiracy theorists.

The Board of Supervisors voted without public discussion to approve the settlement of a lawsuit filed by Eugene Yu of Michigan-based Konnech Corp over his 2022 arrest and prosecution, KNBC-TV reported.

County lawyers had urged approval of the settlement in a letter to the board, the station said.

Konnech is a small company based in East Lansing, Michigan. In 2020, it won a five-year, US$2.9 million contract with LA County for software to track election worker schedules, training, payroll and communications.

Yu was arrested in Michigan in October 2022 and computer hard drives were seized. The LA County District Attorney’s Office alleged that Konnech had violated its contract requirement to keep data in the United States and improperly used servers in China to store information on hundreds of county poll workers.

Yu and his company were charged with conspiracy to embezzle public funds and grand theft by embezzlement of public funds. The case was dropped 37 days later.

Why did Corrupt LA DA George Gascon pay off Konnech CEO Eugene Yu with a $5 million payment when there was so much evidence of illegal actions and misconduct that was uncovered in the the investigation into Konnech’s actions?

Los Angeles County DA Gascon is one of many local DAs around the country who were backed by George Soros money.  These DAs appear to want to destroy the cities and counties they oversee by letting criminals go and claiming their actions are based on progressive initiatives.  In turn the crime rates in the cities they oversee skyrocket and the locals suffer the most.

DA Gascon got in over his head when his team went after Konnech CEO Yu.  How do we know this?  An affidavit of Harry Haury who was involved in this case shows some very corrupt actions that Konnech made that impacted more that the city of LA.

In a four page affidavit signed by Harry Haury, Konnech was involved in sending personal information on US citizens to China and working with companies linked to the Chinese government.

On page one of the affidavit, Haury discusses his credentials and then shows that his investigation uncovered multiple instances of Konnech hosting US individuals PII in China and sent back and forth in China.

Haury also identified that China was testing and developing software in China.

Harry Haury Affidavit p1

On page two of the document, Haury notes that China was all over the election software Konnech developed and maintained.  Konnech was also connected to companies that are connected to China’s government.

Harry Haury Affidavit p2

On page three of the document, Haury notes the Konnech violated its duty to disclose to its customers its PII (personal information) breach.  But more importantly the incident showed that foreign intelligence gained access into the US infrastructure.

Harry Haury Affidavit p3

Page four shows information on Haury’s affidavit being notarized.

Harry Haury Affidavit p4

LA’s corrupt Soros-backed DA Gascon for some reason dropped all charges against Eugene Yu and paid him $5 million of LA taxpayer money.  This is after those investigating the case found out that the entity was involved in numerous actions that were against the law (PII violations) and involved in China’s access to the US strategic infrastructure.

How could Gascon let Eugene Yu go with so much information surrounding his actions and then pay him $5 million?  This major coverup for China and the Bidens affects all Americans. 

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  1. It was great seeing how much work you put into it. The picture is nice, and your writing style is stylish, but you seem to be worrying that you should be presenting the next article. I’ll almost certainly be back to read more of your work if you take care of this hike.

  2. Personal information is kept, not just of poll workers. The “voter roll maintenance ” organization ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) has the personal data on every citizen who has ever lived in one of its current or former member states. And, it is NOT returned. That is what is used to “vote” those phantom ballots.


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