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President Trump Shares What Corrupt and Senile Joe Biden Will Not Say Today in Wisconsin

President Trump reminds the people of Wisconsin what Joe Biden won’t be sharing in his talk today.

Joe Biden is actually going to give a speech in Wisconsin today.  We don’t know how many circles will be drawn at this time.

We also don’t know that Biden could possibly be saying about his policies that are destroying America.  For example, how does Biden explain allowing millions to come into our country who have not been vetted?  How many terrorists are in this country thanks to Biden?

President Trump shared a message last night where he reminds the people in Wisconsin of Biden’s horrible economy.

Joe Biden will visit Wisconsin today to mislead voters yet again about the devastating effects of Bidenomics on hardworking Americans, but they won’t be fooled. The harsh reality of Bidenomics is all too clear every time Wisconsinites go to the gas station, the grocery store, or try to heat their homes and businesses.

Only President Trump has the Day One plan to unleash energy production across the country, lower inflation, and put an end to the national nightmare that is Bidenomics.

The Facts:

  • Only 13% of Americans say that they are financially better off since Biden took office, and over half of voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy.
  • Since Biden took office, inflation has increased prices in Wisconsin by an unaffordable 17.2%.
  • Thanks to Bidenomics, the average household in Wisconsin has to spend an additional $10,065 every year just to make ends meet.
  • Energy costs are up 31% and food costs are up 20% under the Biden administration.

Brent Schutte, the chief investment officer for Northwestern Mutual, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Wednesday that he expects a recession in 2024.

Wisconsin is a mess and all the people in the state have endured Biden’s horrible policies and economy.

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