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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Summoned to Vatican to be Excommunicated

Breaking News – Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has been summoned to the Vatican to be Excommunicated by Red Pope Francis.

Archbishop Carlo Vigano, a friend of the faithful and totally dedicated to the church and sharing Jesus Christ in all he does has been notified that he is being summoned to the Vatican.

Our friend, Archbishop Vigano has stood up against the destruction of the church, COVID mandates that crushed individual rights worldwide, and stolen elections.  He has called out this Pope for his destructive actions against the church and others like China and the World Economic Forum.  For this he is being excommunicated from the Hoy Catholic Church.

Here is the message moments ago from Archbishop Vigano’s Twitter page:

(art. 2 SST; can. 1364 CIC)

The Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith has informed me, with a simple email, of the initiation of an extrajudicial penal trial against me, with the accusation of having committed the crime of schism and charging me of having denied the legitimacy of “Pope Francis” of having broken communion “with Him” and of having rejected the Second Vatican Council. I have been summoned to the Palace of the Holy Office on June 20, in person or represented by a canon lawyer. I assume that the sentence has already been prepared, given that it is an extrajudicial process.

I regard the accusations against me as an honor. I believe that the very wording of the charges confirms the theses that I have repeatedly defended in my various addresses. It is no coincidence that the accusation against me concerns the questioning of the legitimacy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the rejection of Vatican II: the Council represents the ideological, theological, moral, and liturgical cancer of which the Bergoglian “synodal church” is the necessary metastasis.

Complete text of the announcement:

See the message below:

The destruction of the Catholic Church is nearly complete. 

8 thoughts on “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Summoned to Vatican to be Excommunicated”

  1. This Archbishop is going on my prayer list. I pray he’ll send a canon lawyer in his place as stated and not go in person. If he goes in person ‘they’ may excommunicate him from life on earth as well. Archbishop Vigano is a voice we need for his Spiritual views and fighting/exposing Satan and his New World Order gang plus the Pope and Vatican. Lord Jesus Christ surround him with protection. Peace

    • Archbishop Vigano is probably one of the few left in the Catholic Church worth saving. Definitely one of the good guys.

    • An invitation to dine with the pope during the Middle Ages signaled that you were to be executed – poison was the method. I would agree that best for Carlo Maria Vigano to send his representation. God bless Carlo Maria – he is loved by so many for his devotion to God and humanity.


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