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Guest post by Jack Gleason

The Trump verdict of May 30th is a turning point in U.S. history. It will be seen as the day Americans woke from their slumber and finally shouted “enough!” 

Americans are a kind-hearted, good-natured people. We say “Live and let live,” and, in the South, “Bless his heart.” 

We are decent, honest and hard-working. If we do something wrong, we apologize and make amends. 

Unfortunately, we have little comprehension of true evil. 

We can’t imagine that anyone or any group would embark on a systematic plan to destroy our country and our way of life. 

It always starts small. A group wanting “to save the environment” protests the destruction of habitat for a small endangered snail. We have pity, so we don’t oppose laws passed to protect the snail – despite hundreds of farmers in the area who now have no water for their crops. 

Gradually the stakes get higher. A tiny fish, an owl, a fox. They use the environment as an excuse to deny progress and prosperity. Eventually the bureaucrats gain unlimited power to control every spot of land, every drop of water, and every tree, so that anyone who wants to mow their yard or fill in a puddle must apply for a permit, which is usually denied.  

The Trump verdict is the culmination of a series of small affronts to our Constitution and way of life that began with Tea Party groups being audited by Lois Lerner of the IRS. Then churches were threatened with losing their tax exemptions. 

When this was exposed, NOTHING HAPPENED. In fact, the idea of using government agencies to suppress free speech is now more prevalent than ever. And guess who has been involved all along? Jack Smith. 

Church-going abortion protestors singing songs at a clinic were prosecuted, while George Floyd rioters burning and looting small local businesses were released in hours. 

COVID was used as an excuse to shut down churches, retail stores, restaurants and fitness centers while big box stores were allowed to stay open, including marijuana dispensaries. 

Vaccine orders forced loyal soldiers to choose between their service to their country and their health. 

Bogus fears of “global warming” led to the demolition of our oil and gas industry in favor of buying the same oil from our enemies. 

To paraphrase a popular poem about the Holocaust, “first they came for the Tea Party, and I did not speak out, then they came for the churches and I was silent, then they came for the schools and I said nothing. Now they come for me and there is no one left to help.” 

We have been taken to an addict’s “rock bottom.” Americans are finally waking up to the fact that we now live in a country with “Unequal protection under the law.” 

Our “president” unilaterally declares a new policy and dares people to oppose him. He used our petroleum reserves to lower gas prices during election time. His student loan bailouts were simply to buy votes. 

When the courts say it’s illegal, he just does it again and the legal processes start anew. 

He has presided over the end of our rights to justice. Federal agents shepherded peaceful protestors into the Capital building on January 6th, then arrested them and held them without trial in barbaric conditions for three years. Rights to a speedy trial, legal representation, and acceptable living conditions are denied. 

And now we learn, despite denials, the White House was involved with the raid on Mar-a-Lago. 

Laws are meant to protect American citizens, not as a weapon to intimidate and enslave them. 

Biden lies constantly about the border – opening it wide open while claiming it’s secure and allowing in tens of thousands of military-age men. 

They lie not because they think they will fool anyone, but to intimidate and demonstrate power. “I am lying, I know I am lying, and you know I am lying, so what are you going to do about it?” 

We must rise up, not with violence, but to say “enough!” The just outnumber the lawless 10 to 1. The only way we lose our country is if we give it away. 

They know they can’t win a fair election, so they will do everything they can to disrupt 2024. They have perfected techniques to create fake voters and manipulate the results while the media chants, “our elections are the safest and most secure in history.” 

That’s why they aren’t as panicked as one would expect to have senile Joe Biden running in 2024. The fix is in. Joe will fall, break a hip and resign “for the good of the country.” A new puppet will be installed at the Democrat convention. All the negatives of Biden will be swept aside as the country “falls in love” with the new nominee lauded by the media. When the “polls” declare “it’s a close race,” the cheating will kick in so the doctored results are somewhat plausible. 

The sham trial of Donald Trump is Legal Terrorism. Destroy opposition by any means necessary. Use threats, bribes, blackmail. Will they stir up “right wing protests” of the verdict and infiltrate and incite violence so anyone who has conservative leanings can be swept up as an enemy of the state? 


It’s time to take action… 


There has been election cheating since the beginning of our Republic. Often corruption was discovered and punished. Now the fraud is on an industrial scale, with new techniques rolled out at blinding speed. 

Tell your legislatures to insist elections follow the rules to the letter. Close the loopholes that are now so wide you can drive a tractor-trailer loaded with fake ballots right through them. Share the Rasmussen poll that proves nationwide abuse of mail-in ballots and demand proper signature verification. 


Don’t just say “my vote doesn’t matter.” Vote, and bring ten of your overwhelmed or apathetic friends. “If Trump can be convicted in a kangaroo court, we live in a dictatorship, not a free country.” 


In 2020 and 2022 we heard of voters coming to the polls on election day who were told they had already voted. This means someone used their name to vote before they did. Provisional ballots would do nothing to fix this. 


Election fraud requires knowing the margin of victory to overcome. If they’re losing by 2% they need to inject 3% more ballots. But if they’re losing 58% to 42% they need 18% more fake votes. In the counties where the fix is in, there will likely be more votes than voting age adults. That’s something they can’t hide. “How come turnout was 109% in this county, but 80% in the country next to it?” 


It’s just another arm of the conspiracy. Trump needs to set up real monitoring of the elections in November.  

DONATE to the Trump campaign.  

Show them you won’t be intimidated. 

SUPPORT HONEST ELECTION GROUPS that are filing lawsuits to demand our civil rights.  

LEARN how to stop illegal voting. 

Donald Trump is the only person strong enough to dismantle the swamp. To keep Trump safe his vice presidential pick must be just as smart and just as fierce. 

But Donald J. Trump is not the real target – we are. One person CAN make a difference



3 thoughts on “ENOUGH!”

  1. Great article. I agree with the concept but I say Enough! to machines and cloud-based election software. We must demand hand counts of paper ballots. Everyone must vote on election day no matter how much resistance we get. If we give up on that, we’re through.

    Georgia and Florida use machines, early voting and mail in/vote by mail. Those states are run by uniparty RINOs, not MAGA.

    Argentina elected Milei with hand counts of paper ballots. Brazil and Venezuela use machines.

  2. Your blog posts have become a source of comfort and reassurance for me during difficult times, offering solace, wisdom, and guidance when I need it most.

  3. Well done.

    It was Betrayer Sessions who let the IRS off the hook. He had rock solid criminal referrals on Lerner and some others, and he threw them away. He also threw out rock solid criminal referrals on planned parenthood for its baby part harvesting. Sessions is by definition an oath violating crook.

    I think early voting is a false cure for the election crimes. Lots of RINOs tout it as the #1 solution. Charlie Kirk has preached about it in that way. Kirk has a habit of minimizing and ignoring the election crimes. I know, he is inconsistent, but I have heard him tell people to stop talking about election crimes and focus on early voting.


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