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How to Stop Illegal Voting and Fix Our Elections, So We Can Start Fixing Our Country 

United Sovereign Americans

How to Stop Illegal Voting and Fix Our Elections, So We Can Start Fixing Our Country 

A post by was shared at American Greatness today. 

Here are some items from this report.

Our elections are being conducted illegally. The question is not, “Who won?” That is impossible to answer in the wake of millions of so-called clerical errors that the DOJ calls potential felonies. What we need to be asking is, “Who is accountable right now?” Because this country is sitting on bedrock. We have to know the rock we are standing on. The third sentence of the US Constitution says it is the people of the several states who shall choose their representatives. This is more important than how Congress legislates. It is more important than the President or the Judiciary. It is more important than the Bill of Rights. It is the rock we are standing on. 

Each state has a Chief Election Official, the individual who bears the ultimate burden of proof regarding federal elections. Their job is to hold the peace. The only way endless, intractable, adversarial political factions stay good neighbors is through honest elections.

Our Chief Election Officials oversee a simple system with three elements: voters, votes, and counts. Chain of custody is mandatory on every ballot, as once a ballot enters the system, it is deliberately impossible to trace it back to the voter. And the entire system, from registration through certification, must be auditable, because a right without a remedy is not a right. What use is voting if we can’t be certain the process accurately measured the intent of qualified citizen voters? 

The affirmative duty of Chief Election Officials, therefore, is to verify and certify the authenticity of every voter, vote, and count, and prove it with transparency. Fealty to the law upholds the bedrock of the American system—government by consent 


Reflecting on where we currently stand with our national aspirations, namely to have “a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty,” scrutiny of the efforts of our election officers is mandatory. 

Unlawful Voters: In examining official statewide registration lists, auditors volunteering with United Sovereign Americans (USA) have found over 20 million electors whose registrations either do not meet eligibility requirements or do not constitute a valid identity in just ten states. You would not be able to use this data to open an Amazon account, register for a Microsoft email address, or check in at a hotel. The rights to engage in commerce, free association, and interstate travel have long been considered fundamental property rights. Why is the double standard allowing identity verification for these rights but not voting rights? Election officials did not bother to verify the validity of these applicants.  

That’s election fraud, as defined in the federal prosecution guidelines on election offenses. Under the second section of the Fourteenth Amendment, states are accountable when they deny or abridge in any way the votes of their eligible citizen voters. This includes dilution of the legitimate vote through ballot box stuffing. Concerned about illegal aliens registering? We must enforce control of the registration process.  

After mentioning other forms of unlawful actions in our elections Horneck shares:

United Sovereign Americans does not accept these frivolous excuses. We are calling out those who denied us elections in 2020 and 2022. You have a choice—fix it now or face us in federal court. Enforcing our civil right to an accurate, legally valid 2024 election is already underway in federal court in the state of Maryland. Everyone who treasures liberty and equality under the law must unite with us and hold the line. We are thousands of volunteers from across America, growing daily. We love this country, and we intend to keep it.





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