Corrupt Nazi Supporter George Soros Is Behind Millions to Censor the Truth in 2024 | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt Nazi Supporter George Soros Is Behind Millions to Censor the Truth in 2024


Corrupt Nazi supporter George Soros is behind millions to censor the truth in 2024. 

According to the Left, saying anything about George Soros is anti-Semitic.  But this guy who helped Nazis steal booty from Jews in WWII.  This was in a 60 Minutes interview 20 years ago.

Soros has done all he can to destroy President Trump.  He’s behind the corrupt DAs involved in the bogus cases against President Trump.  He’s behind the Biden/Obama gang running these cases out of the White House.

He’s been behind riots in the past and recently against Israel.

NASTY Dem. Nadler Claims Same Nonsense that It’s Anti-Semitic to Discuss Nazi-Sympathizer George Soros’s Destructive Acts in US

Now Soros is backing the censorship of President Trump.

“One of the wealthiest men in the world is using his vast wealth and power to silence regular Americans ahead of the 2024 election. At a time when defending free speech is key, leftists are trying their best to shut down the voices of half of America, especially those who disagree with the radical agenda promoted by Biden, Soros and most Big Tech executives,” MRC Free Speech America vice president Dan Schneider told Fox News Digital.

MRC associate editor Joseph Vazquez reported the Soros-funded media group “is at the helm of a new push to restrict free speech online,” pointing to a recent press release as evidence.

Last month, Free Press boasted about a letter urging executives at Discord, Google, Instagram, Meta, Pinterest, Reddit, Rumble, Snap, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter and YouTube to keep online platforms “safe and healthy” in 2024 through six specific “interventions.”

The letter was signed by “200 civil-society organizations, researchers and journalists,” according to Free Press. The MRC found that “at least 45 of the signatories have had their coffers packed with Soros cash to the tune of a whopping $80,757,329 between 2016 and 2022 alone.”

“The document attempted to justify that it was written with reducing ‘real-world harms’ and ‘the rise of extremism and violent attempts to overthrow democratic governments’ in mind. However, it appears its true design is to pressure Big Tech companies to silence speech the left despises as 60 countries across the globe gear up for their elections in 2024,” Vazquez wrote.

It’s clear that Soros in his last years is doing all he can to destroy the Trump team and the majority of Americans who support President Trump and hate the criminals committing crimes against the President. 

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  1. I just cant figure why some country has not been able to off this guy. Lets make a deal with Putin who has more guts in his pinky nail than the whole Bidumb family.


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