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5th Circuit Adds Corrupt Government Body CISA to List of Agencies that Must Stop Censoring Conservatives

The 5th Circuit ruled today that the government entity CISA is to be added to the list of corrupt government organizations who are involved in censoring Americans. 

This is good news for the truth and for all Americans.

The corrupt government bodies involved in censoring Americans for years are being told to stop this horrible practice immediately.  The CISA was singled out and added to the list today.

The state AGs in Missouri and Louisiana sued the government over its activities involved in censoring Americans.  The Gateway Pundit and much my work there was included in the case.

The Biden gang didn’t like not being able to censor Americans so they refused the courts ruling.

The 5th Circuit today not only agreed with the prior ruling but they added CISA to the list of government organizations included in the order.

The Federalist reports:

A preliminary injunction issued today by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is barred from censoring Americans in an explosive new development in Missouri v. Biden.

The CISA, described as the “nerve center” of federal government censorship, is responsible for censoring the American public, facilitating collusion between the feds and social media companies, and interfering in our elections. Now, CISA, along with the Surgeon General, White House, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cannot communicate with social media companies for the purpose of policing speech, according to Federalist Contributor and Editor at Large of Real Clear Investigations Benjamin Weingarten. The court’s original opinion, which addressed the White House, FBI, CDC, and Surgeon General, did not include CISA.

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