Crazy NY Judge Demands President Trump Stop Highlighting His Corrupt Team – Meanwhile President Trump Laments Corruption in NY | Joe Hoft


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Crazy NY Judge Demands President Trump Stop Highlighting His Corrupt Team – Meanwhile President Trump Laments Corruption in NY

The corrupt and crazy judge in the BS Soros-backed case against President Trump demands President Trump stop pointing out his gangs corrupt attorneys.  This is the complete destruction of the justice system in New York. 

Yesterday President Trump pointed out how corrupt the judge and his team were in New York.

President Trump on Today’s BS Case in New York

Last night President Trump pointed out the bias and corrupt within the crazy judge’s court.

The Daily Caller reported that the corrupt judge didn’t like being pointed out for having such a corrupt and dishonest radical lib team.

Former President Donald Trump was slapped with a gag order Tuesday by the judge overseeing his civil case in New York after he made a Truth Social post identifying the judge’s principal clerk.

Judge Arthur Engoron issued the order that prohibits Trump or any party in the case from posting or speaking publicly about Engoron’s staff.

Engoron said “one of the defendants” posted a “disparaging, untrue and personally-identifying post” about a staff member and ordered it deleted, according to The Hill

President Trump shared this today:

This judge and court are a disgrace.  New York has gone to hell.

President Trump addressed this in a message tonight.

I just finished the second day of my sham trial in New York.

For the past two days, I sat in a courtroom in the city I grew up in, the city I raised my family in, the city I built a tremendous organization in, the city I loved – and I listened to the Democrats fervently try to destroy everything my family and I have built.

The Left wants to take down “Trump Tower” – a world-famous New York landmark, they want to dissolve the Trump Organization, and their ultimate goal is to financially ruin me and my family.

It was also here in New York that I was wrongfully arrested by a Soros-backed District Attorney earlier this year. It was the first time I was ever arrested in my entire life.

Think about it – I went my entire life without ever being arrested, and then all of the sudden, I ran for president and I got arrested 4 times in 1 year – despite committing no crime at all.

But the truth is: this is not the same city I knew and loved. Frankly, this is not even the same country we once knew.
Radical Left thugs have let crime, vandalism, filth, left-wing extremism, and illegal immigration pollute what was once the greatest city in the world.

And that’s what they want to do to all of America.

God bless America.

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