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With No Regards for the Dead, Biden/Obama Regime Quietly Working to End Ukraine War

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The Biden regime is quietly working behind the scenes to end the Ukraine conflict it put and kept in place over the past year and a half. 

With total propaganda on the war since the start, it is difficult to determine the losses in the war.  The New York Times claims that Russia has more losses that Ukraine, which sounds impossible with the lack of air cover that Ukraine was handicapped with.

The far-left New York Times, not respected as the beacon of truth since its BS Russia collusion reporting, reported the following in August:

The total number of Ukrainian and Russian troops killed or wounded since the war in Ukraine began 18 months ago is nearing 500,000, U.S. officials said, a staggering toll as Russia assaults its next-door neighbor and tries to seize more territory.

The officials cautioned that casualty figures remained difficult to estimate because Moscow is believed to routinely undercount its war dead and injured, and Kyiv does not disclose official figures. But they said the slaughter intensified this year in eastern Ukraine and has continued at a steady clip as a nearly three-month-old counteroffensive drags on.

Russia’s military casualties, the officials said, are approaching 300,000. The number includes as many as 120,000 deaths and 170,000 to 180,000 injured troops. The Russian numbers dwarf the Ukrainian figures, which the officials put at close to 70,000 killed and 100,000 to 120,000 wounded.

But Russians outnumber Ukrainians on the battlefield almost three to one, and Russia has a larger population from which to replenish its ranks.

But these numbers from the Times were even much greater than the reports from only a few months earlier from the BBC.

As recently as April, leaked estimates from the Pentagon put Ukrainian deaths at the much lower figure of 17,500. The alleged jump to more than 70,000 can be partly explained by the counter-offensive in the south. In its early days it was especially hard on Ukrainian infantry – “worse than Bakhmut” one brigade commander who is fighting there told me. The city in Donetsk fell to Russia in May in one of the bloodiest battles of the war so far.

These numbers are insane.  To believe that Ukraine was beating Russia is a fallacy.  One clue was the following report out of Russia where Ukrainians would rather surrender than fight on.

About 10,000 Ukrainian servicemen have already surrendered to Russian forces using the special 149.200 “Volga” radio frequency, which has been operating since mid-summer, operational services told TASS.

The Conservative Treehouse reports:

According to sources who are speaking to NBC News, U.S. and EU officials are gently beginning to talk to Ukraine government officials about what steps might need to be taken to bring an end to the Ukraine-Russia war. Obviously, for those who do not pretend, we all know the decision to end this conflict comes down to the USA telling Ukraine President Zelenskyy to open peace talks with Russia.

The EU NATO alliance has recently started to show less interest in the maintenance of a U.S. proxy war against Russia, and more open public statements that the current status of a stalemate is unsustainable given the amount of money, hardware and political energy required to maintain it.

Additionally, Zelenskyy is running out of men to throw into the meat grinder; the troops and military leaders are actually defying his orders now.

Therefore, if the Biden administration (State Dept and CIA) concede to the reality, Zelenskyy will have no alternative except to talk to Russia about ending the conflict.

CNN is also reporting the same:

After spending billions of US dollars keeping the conflict alive, a huge percent that never made it to the Ukrainian troops, Biden is stepping back.

Biden/Obama have no concerns for the dead, they made their money, time to move on.  

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