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Barack Obama wanted to change America and eight years wasn’t enough time, especially with President Trump destroying the Obama-Biden America killing initiatives. 

Obama did all he could to remove President Trump from office.  He was behind a coup d’état of the Trump Administration.  This effort started while Obama was in office.

Obama gave billions to both the Shia and Sunni sects of Islam, two groups that have been fighting each other for centuries.  This blew wide-open the Middle East.  He then paid Iran billions arguing that it was to prevent them from building a nuke.

Obama doubled the US debt during his time in office raising the debt to GDP ratio to above 100%.

Obama put the focus of US Homeland security on the good people of America while he opened the borders allowing millions of unvetted foreigners into this great country.  Many of these people were from terrorist ridden Middle East countries.

Obama took over GM and gave the company to the union.  He pushed through a $1 trillion stimulus package and never reversed this massive spending annually.

Obama’s Justice Department was corrupted and his judges were goons who have destroyed the courts across America, placing radical ideals ahead of US law.

The list goes on and on.

We wondered who was going to run the country if Biden/Obama won the election.  Biden/Obama then stole the election but we weren’t sure for years who was running it.

President Trump asked who was running the Biden Admin two years ago.

This was a great question.

For one, this question brings to our attention that this man (Biden) lacks the physical and mental ability to be in the White House.  Everyone knows this.  Biden makes no sense on a daily basis.  He’s just not there.

This also brings to light that President Trump is the total opposite.  President Trump has the mental and physical abilities to be President.  He shows it all the time.

This is why it comes as no surprise that corrupt Barack Hussein Obama is running the Biden-Obama Administration.

This is totally illegal and unconstitutional but that’s who the Democrats are. 

NBC reported that Obama was indeed running the corrupt Obama Administration.

“Former President Barack Obama quietly advised the White House over the past five months on its strategy to address artificial intelligence, engaging behind the scenes with tech companies and holding Zoom meetings with top West Wing aides at President Joe Biden’s request, according to aides to both men,” explained the NBC News report.

More via NBC News:

The joint effort culminated Monday when Biden signed an executive order establishing some government oversight of AI development. It’s the first time Biden has tapped his former boss to help shape a key policy initiative, aides said, and he did it because Obama shares his views on the issue and brings a certain heft that could help move the process along quickly.


The current and former presidents discussed the issue on a phone call in June, aides to both of them said. They agreed on the goal of maximizing the technology while limiting the risks, according to Obama and Biden aides.

After that, Biden asked Obama to consult with his team to develop a policy that encourages innovation but also directly addresses the dangers of AI, their aides said. They then continued the discussion during a lunch at the White House, they said.

They agreed that they have a “shared vision,” their aides said, and that the federal government should take swift action.

Over the rest of the summer and into fall, Obama kept in regular touch with Zients, deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed and national security adviser Jake Sullivan to offer input on the executive order, Biden and Obama aides said. They said their two teams were in touch about a dozen times, including as the administration finalized the order ahead of Monday’s announcement.


Obama was particularly helpful in laying the groundwork for tech companies to voluntarily sign on to have their AI models pressure-tested before they’re released to the public, Biden and Obama aides said. Part of his approach was to urge industry leaders to consider risks beyond national security, including information integrity, bias and discrimination.

“He helped really set the frame of mind that companies can innovate while also being responsible and that companies need to be accountable,” Zients said.

Obama also reached out to advocacy groups that are concerned about AI, as well as leading academics and researchers who know most about the issue, aides said. He used the conversations to inform the guidance he offered the White House, the aides said.

Obama told industry leaders that it was something he has been concerned about since his second term, when he tasked his administration with releasing a report on the future of artificial intelligence. He sees the swift rise and potential dangers of some social media platforms in recent years as a clear warning sign.

“Those people created platforms that helped us connect in new and exciting ways, but they also failed to anticipate the harm their tools could do. By the time it became clear, much of the damage had already been done,” he wrote this week. “We can’t make the same mistake again.”

This comes as no surprise to anyone.  What a corrupt clown show we are watching destroy America. 

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