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Why Would Anyone Trust This Man?

Ray Epps2

Ray Epps is caught in a video noting that he was leading the charge on the Capitol with Antifa.

A rare video is unearthed showing Ray Epps saying that he was at the Capitol and at three gates and the Capitol steps.  He also claims that he was working with Antifa.

Ray Epps was on the most wanted list after the 2020 riots at the Capitol that he helped instigate.  Then suddenly the FBI took him off the list.  Epps was all over the Capitol and documented by Lara Logan in her series on Jan 6.

Lara Logan Releases Her Third Documentary on Ray Epps at the Capitol Including Video with Jim Hoft from the Gateway Pundit

We don’t know who Epps was working for.  Some say it was the Feds.  Some say the Deep State.  Others say the CIA.  We don’t know.

EXCLUSIVE: If Not Feds, Were Instigators of Jan 6 Riots Military, Foreigners, or Both?

Who is Ray Epps and who was he working for on Jan 5 and 6?

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