US and China Tensions Ease as Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan Arrives in Hong Kong | Joe Hoft


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US and China Tensions Ease as Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan Arrives in Hong Kong

Despite the fear mongering by the world’s Mainstream Media (MSM), China and US relations are thawing. US Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan’s port call in Hong Kong this weekend shows China is open to work with the US.

The media has Americans believing that the US and China are one step away from war but nothing could be further from the truth. Evidence of this is occurring in Hong Kong this weekend as the USS Ronald Reagan is allowed a port call in Hong Kong [emphasis added] –

The commander of a US Navy aircraft strike group said he was “not worried” about China’s naval build-up, despite an “aggressive” near miss between vessels from the two countries in the South China Sea two months ago.

Rear Admiral Karl Thomas made the comments aboard the USS Ronald Reagan after it sailed into Hong Kong at the head of a strike group on Wednesday, following training exercises in the contested waters.

“Certainly I’m aware that other nations are also building their navies,” he said. “The good thing is that navies are able to operate around one another, it doesn’t really matter what is going on around the world, so [I’m] not worried.

“Peace and that prosperity for this region, it’s really built on freedom of the seas, it’s really built on the ability to have open trade.”

The US Navy’s port call comes as tensions between China and the United States are on the rise and after the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp was denied entry into Hong Kong waters in September.

Analysts said the approval for the port call this week showed Beijing was trying to ease tensions before a high-stakes meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Donald Trump at the G20 summit at the end of the month.

The US also is showing goodwill with China –

Military analysts said the port visit and the US Navy’s invitation to a senior People’s Liberation Army (PLA) commander to board the aircraft carrier showed Washington’s desire to maintain military ties, despite the ongoing trade war and broader strategic tensions.

Lieutenant General Tan Benhong, the commander of the PLA garrison in Hong Kong, and other officers were invited to watch the US Navy’s Super Hornet fighter jets perform a take-off and landing exercise on the deck of the USS Ronald Reagan while it sailed towards Hong Kong on Tuesday.

Top economist Stephen Moore, who helped put the Trump economic plan together, stated this fall in St Louis at the Gateway Eagle Council that he believed that the President would have a trade deal in place with China by year-end. This act of goodwill in Hong Kong by both parties is a sign that Moore may soon be right.



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