Holy Bangers and Mash – George Papadopoulos Accuses British Embassy in DC of Illicit Spying on Trump Team!!

Maybe the Royal Family is not what we think they were. George Papadopoulos gives the US a Thanksgiving surprise by announcing the British Embassy in DC was involved in illicit spying on the the Trump team.

George Papadopoulos tweeted on Thursday that the British and the Australians were involved in illegally spying on the Trump team –

As Papadopoulos released this, MSM in Australia released an article attempting to discredit the former Trump campaign volunteer.

What the Aussie news is not reporting is that President Trump Trump ordered FISAs, texts and FD302s declassified on Sept 17. Ever since then the Aussies and the Brits have been begging him not to release the memos. These memos will reveal the role of both governments in Obama’s illegal spying operation on the Trump team.

We all know that the Obama team lied to the FISA Court to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump team. Ironically, the Obama team used Russians to spy on the Trump team –

We know that there was an illegal FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page. There may also have been illegal warrants on Papadopoulos, General Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort. The Aussies would be smart to ignore the lies promoted by their media as well.

It’s time to bring the Obama gangsters and their foreign allies to justice.

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