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As the nation approaches the most pivotal election in our history, revelations have surfaced that state governments are undermining election integrity by registering illegal immigrants to vote

It has been reported that illegals are being encouraged to cast votes for Biden so they can stay in the United States, sparking concerns that their votes will be used to sway the 2024 election. (https://joehoft.com/breaking-exclusive-government-agencies-illegally-solicitating-and-potentially-entrapping-non-citizens-to-register-to-vote/, https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/04/flyers-distributed-mexican-ngo-instruct-illegal-aliens-vote/)

It is a crime for a non-citizen to cast a ballot in state or federal races. The City of New York attempted legalizing non-citizen voting in municipal elections but was struck down by the New York Supreme Court earlier this year. The fact that one of the most liberal states in the country was unable to legalize non-citizen voting even at the municipal level further affirms how unconscionable it is to attempt to get illegal immigrants on the voter rolls. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/02/landmark-decision-appeals-court-strikes-down-nyc-law/)

Unauthorized border crossings have now reached the tens of millions.  If only a small percentage of illegals cast votes in key counties, or have their ballots harvested and then cast in their name (with or without their knowledge), it would be enough to undermine the will of U.S. citizens and hand the presidency to the wrong man…again.  A recent interview given by Joe Biden referring to illegal immigrants as “citizens” and “voters” certainly suggests the radical left plans to keep Biden’s failed regime in office by any means possible. (https://www.justfacts.com/news_non-citizen_voter_registration, https://www.foxnews.com/media/biden-roasted-freudian-slip-referring-immigration-influx-hispanic-voters)

A bill was recently introduced in the U.S. House that would force removal of non-citizens from voter rolls and require proof of U.S. Citizenship to vote. But with a democrat majority in the Senate and veto power in the hands of Biden, waiting for Washington D.C. politicians to protect voter rolls is not an option. Instead, citizens must take proactive measures to make a tangible difference in the 2024 elections. (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/04/speaker-johnson-unveils-new-voter-legislation-during-press/)

Researchers at the election integrity group “Defend Florida” have uncovered a potentially transformative statute hidden within the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) regulations that might provide a means for election integrity groups to get their voter rolls purged of non-citizens. This statute mandates the DHSMV provide a Quarterly Report of Potential Jurors, exclusively comprising of citizens, to the County Clerks of Court.

To accomplish the creation of this report, the DHSMV must maintain within their database information on citizenship. In Florida, each county submits a Jury Pool Selection Plan, detailing the journey of the master DHSMV database.  This contains information differentiating between citizens and non-citizens. Rather than the DHSMV sending their Quarterly Report of Potential Jurors directly to the County Clerks of Court, it is first sent to the Florida Association of Court Clerks, Inc. (FCCC), who then sorts and distributes these records to the County Court Clerks as the juror pool database.

Interestingly, the FCCC operates as a Non-governmental Organization (NGO), handling the citizen-only records before they reach the County Court Clerks, most likely meaning that the process the FCCC uses to modify the database before distributing lists to the County Court Clerks is not discoverable by public documents requests. However, the database before and after the FCCC process should be subject to public records requests. DHSMV is in possession of the records before—while the Clerks of Court are in possession after—so two separate requests are necessary.

To be clear, the Master Juror Table or Master Jury List provided by DHSMV that is ultimately provided to the County Court Clerks in Florida, is required by statute to contain ONLY Citizens.  Therefore, this list would be a very valuable tool in the identification of non-citizens on the voter rolls. If any jury in the U.S. had a non-citizen on the jury, the court case would immediately be dismissed.  So, there is a high probability that your local Master Jury List of all potential jurors consists of only citizens.

Once the Master Juror Table Database records consisting of “only citizens” are obtained, they can be compared against the voter rolls.  People not appearing on the Jury List that are on the voter rolls can be identified and researched to see if they are non-citizens. Voters then have the right to challenge registrations of non-citizens based on good-faith information that they are illegally on the voter rolls.

Members of Defend Florida are currently pursuing this strategy.

**The Call to Action**

Citizens in other states can research how citizen-only jury pool lists are created in their state and pursue a similar strategy to that of the Defend Florida team:

**Research**: Delve into your state statutes or call your local county courthouse to determine the process of how citizen-only jury lists are created in your state.

**Request**: Utilize Public Records Requests to request the database as it goes through the process of removing non-citizens from the master Department of Motor Vehicles database to become a “citizen only” list. Ideally, researchers will be able to obtain “before” and “after” databases for the best possibility of correctly determining who are the non-citizens to compare against voter rolls. These requests will likely face pushback from the recordkeepers as it will be a novel request for them. That’s why it is crucial that citizen activists fully understand the public record laws in their state so they can educate the gatekeepers on why they must disclose the requested information.

**Analyze**: A person with familiarity in database comparison will be able to determine the names that were filtered off the master list to create the “citizen only” list. The filtered names can be assumed to be non-citizens and further research can be conducted to determine if any of these names are currently listed on the Voter Rolls in your state.

**Act**: Use Voter Challenge laws to address the anomalies found. It is important to document and disclose the process used to determine “non-citizens” because voter challenges that can be construed as malicious challenges could result in misdemeanors and fines. This underscores the importance of understanding the legal framework established by your state’s legislature for active citizen participation in election security – seek legal counsel if necessary.

The document below outlines Voter Challenge laws across all states, serving as a starting point to locate current related statutes. It is vital to read and comprehend these statutes and adhere to them.

2016 Voter Challenge Statutes by State by Joe Ho on Scribd

The safeguarding of our democracy cannot wait. Engage in this critical mission and ensure that every vote cast in the upcoming election is legitimate. The future of our country depends on your vigilance and action.

For any queries or guidance, reach out to Questions@DefendOurUnion.org or connect with local election integrity groups. Expert assistance is available to help you navigate this critical mission.



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  3. Florida has required the voter registration of non-citizens since DeSantis took office, in 2019. BMV workers report mandates were handed them; they MUST give voter registration forms to all non-citizens as well as citizens. Cleta apparently has not learned this.
    IN addition, reliance on a little known law, is saying that our laws are being enforced.
    LOL. Sorry, but this seems to be last-minute sensationalism for donor dollars.


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