Totally Corrupt Biden DOJ Pays Peter Strozk and Lisa Page Unknown Amounts Days Before Sham Bragg Verdict | Joe Hoft


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Totally Corrupt Biden DOJ Pays Peter Strozk and Lisa Page Unknown Amounts Days Before Sham Bragg Verdict


Lisa Page and Strozk

The two corrupt and disgusting DOJ lovebirds who were part of the coup of the Trump Administration this week received unknown amounts in a settlement with the DOJ. 

Two of the most corrupt actors in US history who attempted to take down the Trump Presidential Administration in a coup have been awarded by the Biden DOJ.  The corrupt DOJ won’t tell how much they were awarded in response to the complaint that their text messages showing their part in the coup were released.

This is the corrupt DOJ today.  Criminals are being awarded unknown amounts for participating in the coup of the Trump Administration.

The Justice Department has agreed to settle long-running litigation stemming from a decision in 2017 to release to the media text messages between two former FBI employees involved in the probe of alleged ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

In a notice filed with two federal judges in Washington on Tuesday, the Justice Department said it had reached settlements of legal claims that fired FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page brought in 2019 alleging that the disclosure violated their privacy.

Far left Politico reported this past week:

The terms of the settlements were not disclosed in the notice, which said Strzok’s claims that his firing violated his First Amendment and due process rights are not resolved by the agreement. That litigation, alleging that the FBI caved to political pressure from Trump to fire Strzok just before he was eligible for full retirement pay, is ongoing.

Officials have said the text messages were shown to journalists at about the same time they were delivered to Capitol Hill and that the disclosure was aimed at preventing lawmakers hostile to Strzok and Page from taking the most inflammatory messages out of context.

The messages showed the pair, who were having an extramarital affair, exchanged texts describing Trump as an “idiot,” saying that Hillary Clinton deserved to win by a huge margin, and disparaging Trump supporters. Strzok, who also played a role in the investigation of Clinton’s handling of classified information, referred to the FBI’s ongoing Russia probe as “an insurance policy,” which Trump and his supporters have interpreted as a suggestion it could be held over Trump’s head if he won the election.

The coup eventually took place in November 2020 when the 2020 Election was stolen from President Trump. 

Now the same gang is working on putting President Trump in prison despite committing no crimes. 


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  1. The rumor is already going around that Soro’s jurors received 1.5M each for the favorable verdict. Rumor, needs verified.


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