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THERE’S MORE: Biden Crime Family Is Connected to China and the Mob


Evidence that Bidens were connected to China and the mob. 

Yesterday the House Oversight Committee uncovered $40,000 that was paid from China to Joe Biden.  Millions more were kept by Hunter and probably distributed later.

CROOK CAUGHT: Oversight Committee Finds $40,000 from China to Joe Biden

This is only the tip of the iceberg of the Biden crime family’s interactions with China. 

On September 29, 2021, I broke the story of a Hunter Biden colleague who arranged a meeting with Chinese officials with Joe Biden in the Obama White House on my radio show at Real Talk 93.3.  This colleague has connections to the mob.

I then reported this story at The Gateway Pundit.  It’s time this story gets some more attention.

In September 2020, before the 2020 Election, a report was produced that showed that Hunter Biden had indeed brought Chinese officials into the White House in 2011 to meet with Joe Biden:

Evidence is mounting that former Vice President Joe Biden not only knew his man-child son, Hunter Biden, was profiting from his powerful perch in government, but that Joe Biden himself may have financially benefited from these arrangements.

A new story of Biden family corruption has emerged, and it is independent of the New York Post bombshell last week about the emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Breitbart News editor and president of the Government Accountability Institute Peter Schweizer broke the news on Friday that associates of Hunter Biden quickly arranged a White House meeting in November 2011 for a delegation of Chinese business leaders and Communist Party officials. This visit apparently included a meeting with the vice president himself.

What was not reported was that Gary Fears had a history of dealing with risky clients. 

According to a long dossier on Fears’s actions related to a Soviet airplane abandoned in the US, Fears was the one claiming ownership of the plane, described as a:

“gargantuan Soviet military aircraft worth millions of dollars that has been stranded for the better part of the last year [2009] at a former U.S. Air Force”.

According to a report in the stlreporter from May of 2010, Fears was part owner of Air Support Systems LLC which owned the Soviet plane sitting in the US.  The problem was no one was paying the bills to maintain the plane in Texas, sitting on an airport runway.

Victor Miller, owner of Air 1 Flight Services of Sherman, Texas, filed suit against Air Support Systems LLC in June 2009, alleging that the company owed more than $70,000 in maintenance fees accrued during the two-anda-half years the plane was mothballed at the North Texas Regional Airport. After the Ukrainian crew took off with the plane the next month, it was grounded in Michigan, as a result of a restraining order, before it could leave U.S. airspace.

The registered owner of the plane is Gary R. Fears, a former Downstate Illinois powerbroker who now resides in South Florida. Fears dismisses the imbroglio over the plane as much ado about nothing.

Fears filed for bankruptcy rather than pay the $70,000 in fees amassed in Texas.  When he did this he outed the creditors linked to his company :

The leaseholder of the plane is North American Tactical Aviation Inc. (NATA), a corporation with the same Wilmington, Delaware, address as Air Support Systems LLC, a Fears-owned company with one asset: the grounded plane. That the corporations share the same Delaware incorporation address could easily be attributed to coincidence, but bankruptcy records filed on behalf of Air Support Systems in St. Louis last fall provide more details as to who invested money in the aircraft or lent money for its purchase.

The outstanding creditors listed in the filing include a private mercenary group, a shadowy front company in Gibraltar and an Illinois gambling executive with alleged ties to the Chicago mob. On October 23, a judge in Marquette County, Michigan, ruled in Miller’s favor and awarded him the plane as payment for the unpaid debt. To prevent the tanker from being taken, Fears countered by filing for Chapter 11 protection for Air Support Systems on October 28 in federal bankruptcy court in St. Louis.

Before being involved in the purchase of the Soviet super plane, Fears was involved in casinos, in Illinois and Florida:

For Gary Fears, his interest in the development of casinos began in Illinois where the political fundraiser and real estate developer made a score as one of the original investors in Argosy Gaming, operators of the Alton Belle Riverboat casino.

This was reported back in 2001.   This is the same guy who a decade later was involved with China leaders visiting Joe Biden in the White House.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

The House Oversight Committee is just scratching the surface of the Biden crime family crimes.

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