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Texas AG Paxton’s Attorneys Continue to Destroy Corrupt RINOs in Impeachment Hearing


The Democrat and RINO attempt to remove Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton from office on made-up charges in an impeachment is falling flat on its face. 

The RINOs attached with the Bush family are attacking Paxton.  But unfortunate for them, Paxton’s attorneys are excellent.

Corrupt Texas RINOs and Democrats Impeached AG Ken Paxton Hoping the Corrupt FBI Would Join Them

Conservative Treehouse shared this about attorney Tony Buzzbee’s questioning of another corrupt Texas RINO in the Paxton case this week.

Someone on the Twitter noticed that Tony Buzbee is like the film actor, Matthew McConaughey. 😂 Too funny, because it’s true.

Buzbee has been chewing through the fraud and manipulation that stems from the Bush family effort to target Attorney General Ken Paxton.  Democrats and authentic Republicans in Texas have been working together to keep the political system under their control.  The long-term goal to turn the state blue is against the interests of the state residents, but that doesn’t stop the Bush family from trying.

In this segment, Paxton attorney Tony Buzbee starts grinding the patina off the schemes the professional Republicans created in order to remove a non-compliant, non-Bush aligned, attorney general.  It’s a good segment, very good. WATCH:

Watch for yourself:


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