Taylor Swift and Google Promoting Far-Left Website to Register Voters!

Taylor Swift came out over the weekend as another far-left entertainer promoting far-left candidates. She also knowingly or not, promoted a far-left website promoted by Google as well that is promoted for registering voters.

In sad news over the weekend, the very lovely and talented Taylor Swift finally came out and showed her liberal colors.

FOX News reported

Taylor Swift — the pop star who notably has strayed from politics — broke that silence on Sunday, writing on Instagram that she’ll be voting for Tennessee Democrats in the midterm elections.

Swift, 28, slammed Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn in an Instagram post.

“As much as I have in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office, I cannot support Marsha Blackburn,” Swift told her 112 million Instagram followers. “Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me.”

In the last sentence of her Instagram message, Swift encouraged people to register to vote by going to the website vote.org.

Vote.org is the same site promoted by Google currently when you query for voter registration. It’s the first option when you query “register to vote” –

What Swift may or may not know, and what Google probably does know based on its far-left bias in its search engine algorithms, is that this web site is a far-left site ran by far-left actors.

Per a review of the Vote.org’s 2016 Form 990 readily available on the Internet, Vote.org is led by some very far-left individuals –

Board member Julia Rhodes Davis promotes resistance training with the ACLU on her Twitter feed –

Board member Keegan Goudiss is proud to have worked for the Bernie Sanders campaign –

Based on the makeup of the far-left Board of Vote.org it is highly unlikely that conservatives will be treated amicably if they go to register on this site.

Recommendation to conservatives – if you want to register to vote, go to your state’s website and learn how to get registered there.