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Speaker Ryan Lied – Said Trump Had Plurality but Didn’t Have Majority!

Also posted at www.thegatewaypundit.com

Yesterday Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told Jake Tapper on CNN he was “not ready” to endorse Donald Trump and then right after that said that the bulk of the burden to unite the party was on the nominee (Trump).

Ryan then said –

“I don’t want to underplay what he (Trump) accomplished. He needs to be congratulated for an enormous accomplishment for winning now a plurality of delegates and he’s on his way to winning a majority of delegates.”

This was a lie. Trump not only holds a plurality of delegates to date, he also holds a majority of delegates to date as well!

According to data at thegreenpapers.com Trump currently leads all candidates with 1057 delegates. There have only been 2029 delegates related to the states with primaries and caucuses to date. Based on this, Trump has not only won a plurality (more delegates than anyone of his competitors) but he has also won a majority of delegates from state caucuses and primaries to date with more than 52% of the delegates awarded to date.

All the other candidates combined have only won a combined 916 delegates to date. There also have been another 56 delegates to date that are either not committed or unallocated. By winning more delegates than any one of his competitors Trump has won a plurality. By winning more than 50% of the delegates Trump has won a majority.  Trump also needs only 36% of the remaining delegates after Indiana to win the nomination (per data from greenpapers).

Not only did Speaker Ryan not endorse Trump and then place the blame for not uniting the party on Trump, but he lied about Trump’s current standing in the election by stating Trump did not have a majority.

What a piece of work!

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