In Exactly One Month – on June 7th – Donald Trump will Surpass 1,237 Delegates to Win the Republican Presidential Nomination

Delegate Count 5-7 AP

In exactly one month on June 7th billionaire businessman Donald Trump will clinch the Republican Presidential nomination by surpassing 1,237 delegates – the amount necessary to clinch the nomination.  It is inevitable he will surpass this number on June 7th because of his current delegate count and the number of delegates awarded through this day.

Delegate Count 5-7 Chart

New Jersey will probably be the first state to announce its results on June 7th as it is the only East Coast state with an election on that day.  Currently Trump is up by 41% in New Jersey.  If Trump wins all the delegates between now and June 7th he will surpass 1,237 delegates as a result of the New Jersey primary results. 

By the end of the night on June 7th Trump will have captured more than 61% of all the Republican delegates!  He will have set a new record for most votes by a Republican candidate in the primaries and will have won 36 states including 33 primaries.  He will have beaten the best field in US history for either party with 17 bona fide candidates at the beginning of the race.