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SPEAKER JOHNSON: Trump Calls Him MAGA, Susan Collins Has to Look Him Up, NYT Calls Him “Hard Right”

The reactions to the new Speaker of the US House, Mike Johnson, are varied but as expected.

Speaker Johnson shared this in the past.

Yesterday he was elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

President Trump shared:

Congratulations to Rep. Mike Johnson. He will be a GREAT “SPEAKER.” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Corrupt old RINO Senator Susan Collins didn’t know who Speaker Johnson was and had to look him up according to the New York Times.

Johnson had little national profile until he emerged as the leading candidate for speaker on Tuesday night. Senator Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, said yesterday morning that she would have to Google him. This obscurity became an advantage for him.

The Times continues:

Matt Gaetz’s gamble appears to have paid off.

Gaetz, a far-right House Republican who viewed Speaker Kevin McCarthy as too willing to compromise with Democrats, started a process three weeks ago to unseat him. Not only did that effort work, but House Republicans emerged from their recent chaos yesterday to elect Mike Johnson as the new speaker. And Johnson is much closer to the House’s hard-right faction than McCarthy was.

“I believe history will assess these three weeks as the most productive weeks of the 118th Congress,” Gaetz told The Wall Street Journal yesterday. “Because now we have both a man and a plan.”

America will soon know who Speaker Johnson is.  America will finally have a man in the House who can navigate this great country out of the Obama/Biden mess.


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