GENERAL FLYNN EXCLUSIVE: “Americans See the Truth: Our Ruling Class is Corrupt, Inept, and Pathological” | Joe Hoft


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GENERAL FLYNN EXCLUSIVE: “Americans See the Truth: Our Ruling Class is Corrupt, Inept, and Pathological”

General Michael Flynn joined the Joe Hoft Show on TNT Radio on Wednesday to discuss a myriad of issues impacting the US today. 

In an exclusive interview, General Michael Flynn shared his observations and thoughts regarding topics from the Speaker of the House to the potential war in the Middle East.

Here are some of the comments General Flynn shared:

We are going to have to fight for the truth for it to be exposed.

He then discussed the piece he wrote on Twitter the other day where he shared:

Americans see the truth: Our ruling class is corrupt, inept, and pathological. In the upside-down world they’ve built, what’s bad is good, adversaries are partners, and terrorism is not only acceptable but estimable.

General Flynn “set a landscape” for what is going on.  He started with a discussion about the Speaker of the House.  He said he believed that Rep. Mike Johnson will be voted speaker and:

This will be another sort of nail in the coffin of the Uniparty in the United States and the Uniparty is really this combination of Democrats, and Republicans, and the establishment, and the lobbyists and the media…This is a death nail on behalf of we the people. We are going to send a message across Washington DC that the American people have had enough.

[General Flynn then directed his focus to problems in the US]

…In our own country we have a problem with Hamas, Hezbollah, radical Islamism and support for radical Islamism…

We know that there are tens of thousands and probably in the ballpark of a couple of hundred thousand, mostly military aged men who have come from these adversarial nations, these nations that we have identified as terrorist havens…

This is not going to happen only in Southern Israel with Hamas, this is going to right here at home and there is a large contingent of these organizations right here in the United States of America.  They’re well represented.  They’re well funded and they’re well led and they have direct ties into our White House, into our Pentagon and into our State Department…

General Flynn went on to discuss how the US funded Iran and they now have missiles that can go well beyond Israel and into the Eastern Med.   He says the US has already been involved in this war:

This new emerging war is much more physical than what we have seen and what the American people have experienced over the last 20 years let’s say.  Where we have now shot down as many as eight of these long-range missiles…[directly supported by Iran]

These Iranian backed forces have already attacked American locations across the Middle East. Up to 33 Americans were killed by Hamas in Israel and a number have been taken hostage, not counting the Israelis.

We’re talking about a framework Joe, and I call it globalism vs. Americanism, because America is the last redoubt for hope for humanity on this planet…Globalists come in an economic alliance and a military alliance. […e.g. the BRICs nations].

General Flynn went on to discuss digital currency and Biden’s Executive Order 14067.  Then he discussed the lack of competency and relationships of this White House which are lacking.

I do believe that the security system in Israel broke down so badly that it had to have been somebody that caused that and that somebody had to be inside.  They had to be inside.  There’s no way in the world that I’ll believe any other thing only because I’ve walked the fence line of the Gaza strip…

When Mike Johnson becomes Speaker he ought to demand that President Biden come in immediately and give a state of the union and specifically talk about the issues in Ukraine.  What are we doing with the $200 billion dollars?…

The Gaza strip is a mess.  We’ve spent billions and billions and billions of dollars.  The United States right now needs new leadership.  We need strong leadership.  We need bold, courageous leadership.  We need to be able to look at the world, to take a big step back and say “OK”.  We are in charge now.  We are going to take care of our home.  We are going to take care of America first.  We can juggle other balls…[Europe, the Middle East]… because we’re there, Joe.  You know, Donald Trump comes in in 2024, that’s fine, that’s great for the country, but we’re there. We are there already and these messes that this Administration has created…

I actually thing the United States of America is being played as a fool in Eastern Europe…China is benefitting the most.

Listen to the entire interview below.  General Flynn joins at the 10:18 minute mark.

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