Social Media Giants Obeying Obama by Preventing and Attacking Conservative Free Speech | Joe Hoft


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Social Media Giants Obeying Obama by Preventing and Attacking Conservative Free Speech


Free speech is now under attack from the Liberals who run social media giants Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and Google.

After the 2016 elections in November President Obama began the attack against what he called ‘fake news’. The Democrat nominee for President, Hillary Clinton, was under investigation by the FBI for numerous email abuses while in office. Her ‘foundation‘ was accused of being a racketeering scheme. Her husband was impeached as President and disbarred as well as condemned as a rapist. And yet, Obama believes it was free speech that was the cause of her defeat in the Presidential election.

When Obama said in the above interview in Germany, “But we’ll figure it out”, he already had. Obama and his crony social media moguls in their respective social media sites instituted an all out war against conservative voices. They have to because Liberals can never win an argument with fundamentally flawed socialist ideals that are in direct opposition to freedom, individual rights and prosperity.

As reported at Breitbart News:

Google and Facebook took steps on November 14 to ban “fake news” content publishers from generating a cut of advertising revenues through Google AdSense and Facebook Audience Network, a move that “disproportionately impacted right-wing news sites.”

In addition, you may have already noticed that at Google their search engine queries produce Alt-Left leaning results. A simple Google search for ‘Trump saves 1100 Carrier jobs’ results in numerous pages of Left leaning propaganda on why Trump saving American jobs is bad –


Facebook’s creator and COO both were noted in emails released by WikiLeaks showing they worked for and supported the Clinton campaign prior to her election loss. Since the election, Facebook released 7 actions to stop ‘fake media’.

Twitter is another medium attacking free speech. Recently Twitter prevented the #NeverRomney hashtag from trending. Twitter Censored a tweet promoting Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Head of Border Patrol labeling it “Hate Speech” but Twitter allowed the #AssassinateTrump hashtag. Journalist James O’Keefe III’s account was shut down by Twitter. Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos’s account was shut down for good. Many more conservatives are now blocked from Twitter and yet printed in its prospectus Twitter claims that it enables any voice to echo around the world unfiltered.

Google owned YouTube has started censoring ‘fake news’ sites as well. The company that live streamed Trump events during the months leading up to the election, Right side broadcasting confirmed they had their live stream disabled by YouTube a few days before the election.

The CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman a Hillary Clinton fan, confessed to modifying posts from Trump supporters. The posts were in response to other actions taken by the site to shut down an unflattering story involving Hillary Clinton.

It’s clear that conservative voices are under attack from leading social websites in response to the 2016 election results. Liberals believe if they can control the message they can win. They don’t consider changing their message to a winning message.

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