Free Speech Under Attack in Europe Too: Geert Wilders Reacts to His Anti-Free Speech Conviction


On Friday Anti-Islam Dutch MP Geert Wilders was found guilty of inciting racial discrimination in the Netherlands. Wilders was found guilty of inciting racial discrimination for leading a chant calling for fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. The presiding Judge Hendrik Steenhuis said the court would not impose a sentence because the conviction was punishment enough for a democratically elected lawmaker. Prosecutors had asked the judges to fine him 5,000 euros (£4,200).

Wilders responded to the conviction saying in part:

I still cannot believe it, but I have been convicted because I asked a question about Moroccans. The Netherlands has become a sick country. The judge who convicted me [has] restricted the freedom of speech for millions of Dutch. I will never be silent. I am not a racist and neither are my voters.”

At this year’s RNC the Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, hosted a ‘Wake Up’ party which was attended by conservative champions Pamela Geller, Milo Yiannopoulos and Wilders, the Dutch Party for Reform leader. The Gays for Trump party at the RNC in Cleveland lasted from 10 PM until 1 AM and was sold out in 24 hours.

The below powerful video provided excerpts from that event, including Wilders’ discussion of the problems in the West with Islamism.

It’s time for Americans and Europeans to stand up for FREE SPEECH and to stand against radical Islam.