Sheriff Joe: It’s a War on Cops…. It will be a Different Game when he [Trump] is President

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was on FOX Business after five Dallas cops were murdered by a racist killer. He shared the following about the difference between Obama and Trump when it comes to law enforcement:

“Now everything seems to be racial. The President [Obama] laid the groundwork in 2009. When a white officer arrested a black professor and even at that time way back then he said that more Hispanics and Blacks are being arrested more than others and then he had to do a little summit drinking beer with those two people at the White House. But I think that set the tone about our President. He’s ah, by the way in Dallas, why is it maybe a hate crime. I call it a racial type crime. Why don’t they send the DOJ Civil Rights down there right away like they do on other situations and do a big investigation on the racial component of this investigation? … I have said for years this is a war on cops…. Believe me it will be a different game when he [Trump] becomes President.”

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