Obama Meets with Afghan President as Taliban Takes Over Country | Joe Hoft


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Obama Meets with Afghan President as Taliban Takes Over Country

Guest Post by Joe Hoft


(Khaama Press)

President Obama took time to meet with the current president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan yesterday. At home the US was rocked with the news of the deaths of 5 police officers and another 7 critically injured in Dallas.

The Afghan News outlet Khaama Press, reported that “President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with his American counterpart President Barack Obama on the sidelines of the Warsaw summit in Poland.  The Office of the Afghan President said Afghan’s Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah was also present during the meeting.

Khaama Press reported that Obama has extended the presence of the US forces in Afghanistan considering the assessments of the political and military officials and commitments of the government and people of Afghanistan. Obama apparently said that the vision and perspective of the government of national unity has encouraged the United States to continue supporting the government and people of Afghanistan.

Obama earlier this week announced that he plans to keep 8,400 American troops there through the remainder of his presidency.

Earlier this year it was reported that the Taliban controls more of Afghanistan than at any time since U.S. troops invaded in 2001. In January nearly 30 percent of the country was reported as controlled by the Taliban. Not only that, but Afghanistan’s fragile economy is in terrible shape too.

Due to Obama’s policies in the US, cops are being murdered, the national debt is near $20 trillion, Americans are forced to buy health insurance,and more people are on food stamps and out of work than ever reported. Due to Obama’s policies in the world, the Taliban is taking over Afghanistan, Iraq is in the hands of ISIS and Iran, Libya is run by ISIS, Europe and the US have been invaded by Muslims from the Middle East, and the US is perceived as weak worldwide.  What a mess!

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