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Rep. Elise Stefanik Adds to Her Complaint of Radical and Conflicted Judge Engoron in New York

Rep Stefanik and Trump

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) added to her previous ethics complaint against crazy and conflicted New York judge Engoron presiding over the BS case by New York’s corrupt racist AG against President Trump.  Stefanik alleges that Judge Engoron “wrongfully denied” the request for a mistrial due to bias.

Below is the tweet from Rep. Stefanik:

A week ago, I filed an ethics complaint against Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron for his partisan antics, bias, and railroading of President Trump. After my complaint, a New York appellate court smacked down Judge Engoron for his blatantly unconstitutional gag order. Today, I’m supplementing my ethics complaint against Judge Engoron with examples of even more of his egregious misconduct after he just wrongly dismissed President Trump’s motion for a mistrial. Read the supplement to my judicial complaint in full below.

November 17, 2023

New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct

61 Broadway, Suite 1200

New York, New York 10006

Re: Judicial Complaint Against Judge Arthur F. Engoron

Supreme Court, New York County

Case Name: New York v. Trump Index No.: 452564/2022

Dear Commission Members:

On November 10, I filed an ethics complaint against Judge Arthur F. Engoron. Please supplement my complaint with President Donald J. Trump’s publicly available mistrial motion he filed on November 15, which I have enclosed and Judge Engoron just wrongly denied.


Elise M. Stefanik

Enclosure (available at, last accessed Nov. 17, 2023)




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