“Our Country Died That Day” – Two Men Begged Capitol Police to Stop Killing Two Women on Jan 6 – One Woman Survived… | Joe Hoft


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“Our Country Died That Day” – Two Men Begged Capitol Police to Stop Killing Two Women on Jan 6 – One Woman Survived…

Victoria White and Rosanne Boyland

At least two real American men begged Capitol Police to stop killing two innocent women on Jan 6.  One woman lived, the other woman died. 

In a video shared by Lara Logan this morning, a man is begging Capitol police to stop beating Victoria White at the Capitol on Jan 6.

Ms. White was suddenly caught between the police and the protesters on that day and was beaten bloody.  She later was paraded through the Capitol, lucky to be alive.

While the Capitol goon was ruthlessly beating White with his fist and stick in the face, a good American was screaming, “Please stop, you’re going to kill her.”

Ms. White survived but was later charged with obstructing justice by getting her face beat in.

Lara Logan shares:

I spent time w Victoria White, the woman being beaten over & over in this video. She is in our series on Jan 6 (The Rest of the Story w Lara Logan). It was one of the most painful interviews I’ve ever done. Would you believe the Biden DOJ charged her w obstructing police? And the corrupt system incld courts stacked against any J6 defendant forced her to plead guilty. This is happening all the time in this country – wake up people. Jan 6 was a lie from day one to cover a stolen election and go after Trump so he could never be chosen by the people again.

Ms. White was not the only women who suffered severely at the hands of the Capitol Police.  Rosanne Boyland suffered as well.  Ms. Boyland found herself between the Capitol Police and the protesters.  That’s when the Capitol Police charged a group of people near a small set of steps outside the Capitol.

Ms. Boyland was caught under a mush pile of men.  The Capitol Police pushed these people over on top her her and others and began spraying them with a toxic concoction.  Boyland had no air.

Anyone who was ever caught under a pile of bodies as a child knows what it feels like to be at the bottom of a mush pile.  You can’t breath.  Boyland was in that situation while being sprayed with this toxic spray.

American Sorgente was at the US Capitol on Jan 6 and he witnessed the death of Rosanne Boyland. He shared this horrific experience and he wept when talking about her death at the hands of the Capitol police.

[Cara Castronuova wrote an exceptional piece on Boyland at The Gateway Pundit.]

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Sorgente starts off the segment below by saying:

I think I have a unique perspective of this.  I certainly want to remember Rosanne Boyland.  Yeah, I was more close to the police, and …they did this major push…It was like a synchronized chemical attack and a charge.  [People fell down and Rosanne was one of them.]

Once she fell down on the ground, people just tripped on her.  They were like packed sardines.  Pretty soon there was like logs falling down.  Everybody was falling down on top of her.  And there was like a pile up of like eight people on top of this poor woman.  And the crowd was so thick and being pressured so hard, people had to lean on the mound that she was under just to keep themselves from falling down…No one was trampling her…

…Everybody that was on top of her fell on top of her because they were pushed and they couldn’t keep their footing either.  And I realized as I heard the man crying who was with her [weeping] you know crying her name.  And so I realized pretty quick I had to do something and I started to talk to the officers.  I tried to reason with them.

I told them, I said look, I don’t want her to die and I begged them.  I threw all my dignity out the window, I cried like a baby.  I cried, I pleaded with these officers.  [Weeping] I begged them for at least two minutes.  I just kept saying, please I don’t want her to die.  You can save her.  Please help her.  She’s going to die.  I just kept saying it over and over…

…There were at least three times I thought I was going to die because I couldn’t breath because of the pressure and the chemical agent in the air. ..

…After a couple of minutes I just turned to look back and I turned by back on the officers and that’s when they came down with a club on my head.  When my back was turned…I saw stars and blood started coming down my forehead…But you know I spilled blood trying to save a woman’s life, and I’m proud of that and I tried to step up.

Americans have been trying to step up for the past six years… I felt like our country died that day.  There was so much going on.

Watch this interview below.

“Our country died that day.”

3 thoughts on ““Our Country Died That Day” – Two Men Begged Capitol Police to Stop Killing Two Women on Jan 6 – One Woman Survived…”

  1. Murder has no statutes of limitation. Thus, there is at least a ray of hope that when the insane frenzy raining down on American citizens on that day for simply behaving as American citizens ought to behave over outrages such as said “election,” which was no election at all at the hands of the Dim-o-rats, but an open, “in your face” obvious theft, there may be a righteous legal infrastructure in place to address all such blatantly unlawful police over-reaching via multi-million dollar settlements awarded to citizens by courts of law. One can only hope…


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