Rep. Anna Paulina Luna May Save the Country with Rare Motion Forcing a Revote on FISA | Joe Hoft


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Rep. Anna Paulina Luna May Save the Country with Rare Motion Forcing a Revote on FISA

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna requested a rare procedure to push for another vote on allowing the FBI to spy on Americans. 

Rep. Luna’s actions came after FISA was passed in the House by one vote.

It appears Congress will get another chance to vote on the FISA amendment that would bar the government from conducting surveillance on American citizens without first obtaining a warrant. On Friday, the House voted on legislation to extend the use of FISA, along with a series of amendments aimed at reforming Section 702, the provision that allows federal agencies to surveil Americans without a warrant.

Rep. Andy Biggs’ (R-AZ) proposed amendment would have required the authorities to obtain a warrant before spying on Americans. However, this change was narrowly voted down after House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) cast the tiebreaking vote against the amendment.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna requested a rare procedural maneuver to force another vote on FISA on Monday.

Here is a list of the GOP Reps who voted to keep the law in place that allows the totally corrupt FBI to spy on Americans.

The FBI abused the FISA Act more than 278,000 times in 2021. This is one of the most egregious crimes in US history.

Contact your representatives and encourage them to do what is right and stop allowing the corrupt Deep State to spy on innocent Americans. 

2 thoughts on “Rep. Anna Paulina Luna May Save the Country with Rare Motion Forcing a Revote on FISA”

  1. I’m a big fan of your work, Joe. Thank you for all you’re doing on many fronts to improved life in America.

    On the FISA bill, I have a different take. IMO all house republicans bear some responsibility for the FISA travesty, even Luna.

    In the floor vote Friday morning, not one republican voted against the 2nd rule, which was unacceptable. If 19 patriots could stop FISA from going forward the 1st time, they could have done it a 2nd time but they didn’t. Luna is my rep and was one of the 19. I called her to thank her for voting against the first rule and asked her to please hold the line and vote no on any future rules to stop FISA from getting to the floor for a vote. She and 207 other republicans disagreed.

    They ALL sent FISA to the floor for debate and amendments (which were never going to pass) and we ended up with a 2-yr FISA version that is worse, except that congress members have warrant protection.

    So, they all should take responsibility. FISA should have died in committee.


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