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REMINDER: George Soros Who Assisted Nazis in WWII Supports Hamas

George Soros is no friend to the Jews in Israel.  But if you point his out, you will be criticized for being antisemitic and a Jew hater. 

Soros admitted turning Jews in to the Nazis during WWII in an interview twenty years ago.

Soros handed Jews over to Nazis and the Nazis then stole their property and killed them.

Years later Soros wrote an op-ed suggesting terrorist group Hamas should be recognized by the US government after taking elections in Gaza in 2007.

The New York Post recounted Friday how in a 2007 Financial Times op-ed, the wealthy progressive blasted the U.S. government for supporting Israel’s decision not to work with Hamas after it won an election to govern Gaza the previous year.

Last weekend, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and murdered over 1,200 people, including 27 Americans. They also kidnapped approximately 150 people.

In his piece, titled, “America and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas,” Soros claimed, “The Bush administration is again committing a blunder in the Middle East by supporting the Israeli government in its refusal to recognize a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas.”

He argued that the decision impeded peace between Israel and the Palestinian people and the Middle East at large. He wrote, “This precludes any progress towards a peace settlement at a time when such progress could help avert conflagration in the greater Middle East.”

Israel condemned Hamas’ election in 2006, as the terror group’s main goal is to establish a Palestinian state including the city of Jerusalem as its capital by employing violence.

The billionaire added that the U.S. and Israel’s hope for new elections to deny Hamas’ majority is “a hopeless strategy, because Hamas would boycott early elections and, even if their outcome resulted in Hamas’s exclusion from the government, no peace agreement would hold without Hamas support.”


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