Rasmussen Poll Shows that a Majority of Americans (65%) Suspect Feds Incited J6 Riot | Joe Hoft


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Rasmussen Poll Shows that a Majority of Americans (65%) Suspect Feds Incited J6 Riot

American Gulag: Documenting government overreach following the Jan. 6 capitol protest

The Truth Will Set You Free.

Most Americans now believe that the Jan 6 riots were instigated by the Feds. 

The results were great news for those of us who are working so hard to share with you the truth.  Notably, not only do a majority of Republicans believe the Feds were involved in J6 but a majority of Democrats and Independents believe so too.

Rasmussen Reports shares:

Following Tucker Carlson’s release of previously unseen videos from the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, more voters now believe it may have been provoked by undercover agents.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 65% of Likely U.S. voters think it’s likely that undercover government agents helped provoke the so-called J6 riot, including 46% who say it is Very Likely. Twenty-six percent (26%) don’t believe it is likely the riot was provoked by government agents, including 12% who think it is Not At All Likely. In late February, before Carlson aired the videos on Fox News, 61% thought it was likely undercover agents played a role in provoking the J6 riot. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

And more interesting is that Blacks and Minorities responded with higher results than Whites.

Tampa Free Press Broke the results down:

Among Republicans, 74% told Rasmussen that it was “at least somewhat likely” government agents acted as instigators of the violence.

Yet on that issue, 62% of independents and 59% of Democrats also told Rasmussen that government provocateurs played some part.

Another curious take was offered by the racial breakdown.

While 62% of whites thought it was “at least somewhat likely” government agents stirred the pot, 65% of blacks and 75% of other minorities agreed with them.

After Carlson aired the footage, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denounced the broadcast, telling reporters that President Joe Biden “has been very clear: Jan. 6 was the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

TGP has reported relentlessly on the horrors of J6.  Not only were Americans set up by their own country but then the demons who run DC went after them with a vengeance, charging innocent Americans with bogus crimes and putting them away for years in prison.

Some J6 hostages like Jake Lang have endured 3 birthdays in jail with no court hearing to date.

See TGP’s site American Gulag for information on those suffering at the hands of this corrupt government in DC. 

Special thanks to Cara Castronuova, Alicia Powell, Jim Hoft, and the entire TGP team for supporting those unjustly arrested, detained, and imprisoned.  

12 thoughts on “Rasmussen Poll Shows that a Majority of Americans (65%) Suspect Feds Incited J6 Riot”

  1. Anybody with a brain knows This is true. The government is lying about 1. the 2020 election, 2. the J6 event, 3. Trump’s indictments are false, and 4, the man other things that the government is hiding from the people.

    • Pelosi, with the help of DC police and the doj staged the entire event. Antiva was in Disguise to make Trump and supporters look bad. They broke through the barriers, making people leave these were, Trump supporters. Only reason Pelosi refused National Guard it would have exposed her, staged event. Demand January 6th video be released in its entirety, it will exonerate president Trump immediately, from third indictment hoax, it will also prove people arrested illegally on j6 did nothing wrong they were waived in by the DC police.

  2. We all know. We always knew. They lied hard and made some question, but those with a brain came back around after the lies were dragged out into the light.

  3. FBI agents with no integrity,morals,or pride,would go against there country for the money.I’m sure your wealthy families are proud of your treason,don’t worry all they want is your money and don’t think for a minute we will ever forget all that the lying FBI and fake intelligents agency done 2016,2018,2020,2022.Election interferences and to this country.The country is boiling, steam is rising ,(QUIT POKING)don’t make it overflow.(QUIT WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.)

    • Every politician that does not demand, our bored as be closed and secure 100%, they have violated the old they swore to uphold under the Constitution to protect our nation from both foreign and domestic enemies. We are being invaded by foreign enemies. These politicians need to be held and charged with treason.

  4. Can you imagine the level of corruption required to call the J6 incident an “Insurrection” when not a single participant in that even was CHARGED with insurrection .. yet they still use that term…


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